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Sunny, balmy San Diego is one of the best vacation spots around for dog travel, so it only makes sense that you want to take your Spot with you. From dog friendly beaches to hotels and boarding facilities, San Diego is one doggone great city!  We have to start off any overview of San Diego with Ocean Beach. Known to locals as “Dog Beach,” this small beach in this artistic community is open to our four legged canine friends all of the time. In fact, on weekends it is not unusual to find up to 100 dogs running freely along the ocean’s edge and basking in the beauty and warmth of this Southern California Beach. Even better, parking is free at Dog Beach! Find listings for all beaches and parks on our San Diego Travel Guide.

Dogs are permitted off leash while on the beach, but must be leashed as they walk to and from your car. The beach has restrooms and picnic tables for the humans and alcohol is allowed on the beach from noon to 8pm – so keep that in mind – if you like to drink, here’s your chance, and if not, keep in mind that people will be drinking. (This is generally the case at San Diego beaches – dog or otherwise) Dog Beach also features a paved walking path. Many people bring beach chairs and settle in for a good time with fellow dog owners.

In fact, San Diego has so many great and legendary dog parks that it will be the entire focus of this article.  San Diegans love their dogs, and it shows. The city is possibly one of the dog friendliest in the nation. The great weather San Diego enjoys translates to a desire to spend one’s outdoor hours with the dogs that are so loved by this city’s residents. This translates into many options for travelers to America’s Finest City. Many many parks and outdoor recreation areas are leash free dog parks. Here is a list of but a handful of this city’s amazing commitment to man’s best friend.

Mission Bay’s Fiesta Island is a large sandy island in Mission Bay that is a leash free park for dogs. There are lots of sandy dunes to play in and the bay’s calm and lovely waters are great for dogs to swim and play in. Fiesta Island is open 24 hours a day.

Balboa Park is one of San Diego’s most popular tourist destination. Home to the world class, Koala-inhabiting San Diego Zoo, millions of travelers from all over the world visit this urban oasis every year. Balboa Park is also home to Nate’s Point, a 24 hour a day dog park with a large grassy area to play in. Also in Balboa Park is Morley Field, a smaller, however no less enjoyable section designated for dogs.

Coronado Island is picturesque and also a big tourist destination. From the Naval Base to the famously haunted Hotel Del Coronado, this city is frequented by many travelers who will be happy to hear their canine companions are very welcome in the City of Coronado. Dog Beach is at the most northern end of the beach next to the Naval Air Station – making for some dramatic pictures. The beach is wide and the sand is white and dogs from all over romp and play in the surf.

Del Mar may be better known for its annual summer horse racing, but what families traveling with their dogs may not know is that Del Mar does have a dog park. However, it is a seasonal, off-leash park from September to June only. Travelers taking advantage of off season rates can take advantage of this lovely location and the amazing vistas it offers.

I’ve covered just a handful of the many many dog park and beach options in San Diego.  Check out our San Diego Travel Guide for others. There are more than 10 parks not covered here in suburbs of the city.  If you find yourself staying in one of the eastern suburbs be sure to inquire about off leash dog parks. For information on dog friendly hotels and campgrounds as well as kennels, cage free kennels and doggie day care visit Vacation Pet Friendly.com and click on our links to San Diego.

Coming in from out of town? Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. Start your search for pet friendly hotels in San Diego here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!


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