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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Hotel Chains – U.S. Expansions

Pet friendly hotel chains are narrowing the gap when it comes to those that welcome pets and those that don’t. In an industry that is growing exponentially, pet friendly hotel chains like Marriott, Hyatt, Best Western, La Quinta and many others are getting past the “just opening their doors to pets” and now realizing that pets are becoming a huge part of their industry. The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is a hotel that has jumped on the pet friendly bandwagon and knows firsthand that in doing so, it is truly catering to industry demands. This hotel goes way beyond “allowing” pets. It welcomes them. The hotel chef goes all out, making special treats that are truly healthy for your pet. He makes sure to include fresh eggs, fish oils and much more. Plus, they have a separate walking area just for your pet. The manager is a true dog lover and makes sure his is often by his side. While this hotel is spearheading the pet friendly hotel business, there is a steady stream of hotels flanking into line right behind them.

Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Vacation Pet Friendly’s Three Top Picks

Pet friendly hotel chains are abundant at Vacation Pet Friendly with more than 1,300 listed to be exact. We have discovered there are some that go over the top for pets–not just specific hotels, but the pet friendly hotel chains themselves. Every city has pet friendly hotels from Los Angeles to Orlando. While there is so much to do in this country, every vacation begins with answering the question “Where do we want to go,” followed by, “Where are we going to stay?” Here is our list of top picks:

Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton Group has in place a HosPETality program that includes fun amenities and plenty of services. Kimpton has figured out some really great ways to pamper your pet. The Bow Wow Package is offered at several of the Kimpton Hotels. It includes organic gourmet pet treats, bottled water,  dog walking services, chew toys, cat scratch posts, pet massages, and more. Twelve of its hotels even have a Director of Pet Relations on board. Some of the Kimpton Group’s most pet friendly hotels are:

  • Hotel Triton, San Francisco, Calif.
  • Hotel Palomar, Los Angeles, Westwood, Calif.
  • Hotel Palomar San Francisco, Calif.
  • Hotel Monaco Portland, Oregon
  • Hotel Palomar Dallas, Texas
  • Hotel Monaco Chicago, Illinois
  • Hotel Burnham, Chicago, Illinois
  • FireSky Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Hotel Monaco Alexandria, Virgina
  • The Muse, New York City, New York
  • Hotel Vintage Plaza, Portland, Oregon


Lowes welcomes pets with open arms. Its welcome package includes a pet bowl, treats and dog tag. Many of its properties offer pet services including doggie spa treatments, pet sitting and dog walking. Some of its special packages include the “Woofie Weekend” where the modest pet fee is waived with room service.

Favorite Lowes include:

  • Loews Ventana Canyon Resort Review, Tucson, Arizona
  • Loews New Orleans Hotel Review, New Orleans, Louisiana

Ritz Carlton

The pet friendly hotel chain, Ritz Carlton, has many properties that absolutely love pets! The Ritz-Carlton, New York in Battery Park and the Ritz-Carlton, New York, in Central Park are known to be two super pet friendly Ritz-Carltons. Amenities include a dog bed, bowl, snacks, water, wee wee pads or litterbox, a “Woof” or “Meow” sign that hangs on your door during the duration of  your stay and even pet toys.

Others definitely worth mentioning within the pet friendly hotel chains properties include:Reserve rooms at pet-friendly hotel chains throughout America at Pet Hotels of America

The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, CA

This is one of the pet friendly hotel chains that offer “VIP…Very Important Pooch” greetings by the doorman and front desk. Four-legged guests receive a welcome card from the General Manager. Plus, pets enjoy such luxuries as dog bowls with place mat, exclusive “Fido’s Cookies”, two bottles of RC mineral water, In-Room Dining menu, a bronze doggy bed and  a Pooch Pack with dog-related activities in dog-friendly San Francisco. Guided walks are available at an additional fee.

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas, NV

Dog treats and other toys make this a wonderful hotel for your pets. The hotel has also been known to fill a champagne bottle with multi-colored dog biscuits tied with a special Ritz-Carlton ribbon. Your pet will enjoy his or her own four-poster doggie bed.

Next time you travel, remember your options are open. There are so many pet friendly hotel chains in America to choose from. Keep in mind, that even if a hotel chain offers pet friendly amenities at one hotel, doesn’t necessarily mean it offers these same pet perks at other hotels. That said, there are pet friendly hotel chains of which most of its hotels will welcome your pet with open arms.

If this is your first time traveling with pets, be sure to read this article on travel tips.

We wish you a wonderful vacation wherever you stay!

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