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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Hotel Stays

Pet friendly hotel selections are vast and varied. The pet friendly hotel you choose makes all the difference in the world. When you travel alone or with your spouse or friend, your needs are somewhat different than they would be with Sparky at your side. Tell me, when is the last time you had to find a dog run for your significant other? You get my point. That said, the most important thing you need to think about is what pet friendly hotel you want to spend your time visiting. Just because the hotel takes pets, doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice.

Several Things to Consider in Your Search for a Pet Friendly Hotel

The list is long, but most of it is common sense. Try not to overspend. Look for value and make sure your pet friendly hotel and destination are suitable for your needs on this particular vacation. Each vacation is different and so are the amenities and budgeting needs. We think you’ll be amazed at how pet friendly hotels can be. Watch this quick video for what to expect from a pet friendly hotel.
Of course the more time you want to spend relaxing or hanging in and around your hotel, the more amenities you want. The more pampering you’ll want. The more luxury you’ll want. But for people on the go, those things may not matter as much as where the nearest theme park is. If you are looking for value then these things are a huge consideration. That’s not to say settle for less. Just look through our listings for a pet friendly hotel deal that makes sense. You also might want to read this page about what makes a hotel dog friendly.

Pet friendly hotel lobby as listed on Vacation Pet FriendlyWhat’s Your Budget?

If you search through our listings you will often find hotels that are having sales. We have great relations with our hotels so many give away free parking, Internet and even overnight stays. Don’t just look for cheap. Find a great hotel at the same price!

Does the Pet Friendly Hotel Offer Pet Perks?

Will they truly welcome your pet with open arms. Many love pets and to make sure they are as comfortable as their human customers, will provide little extras like a doggie bed, water bowl, pillow and special treat. You might even find a gift basket for Boxer in the room when you open the door.

What About Play Time and Exercise?

Is there a dog run, off-leash park, off-leash beach or an open space where Sparky can romp around and get his fill of exercise. Traveling can add a little stress to a dog just as it does to its human owners. Your pup will need a way to blow off some steam and a nearby off-leash park is just the place to do it.

Is there Nearby Pet Lodging?

Is there a doggie daycare or kennel near your hotel? There most likely will be times when you head off to a museum or dinner where Sparky isn’t welcome. Not all establishments can allow pets. You can find these by typing in the city where you are headed into our “Find Pet Friendly Activities in Any City” search box. Call them ahead of time to make sure you feel comfortable with them and that they have room. During peak seasons, kennels and doggie daycares often fill up to capacity. If you are hesitant read about how kennels have changed.

Now, What About You?

Alright, now that we’ve figured out the hotel is great for your pup, what about you? Does it have that spa you are dreaming about? Is it close to the action or are you seeking quiet enjoyment? I will tell you this: some of America’s largest, busiest cities have the most off-leash parks and beaches, and pet friendly restaurants than you might find in quaint small towns. So basically, you are free to roam around the cabin. The entire county has a lot of pet friendly things to do and see. As an example, visit our Travel City Guide for Las Vegas and see what kind of listings we have. You’ll be amazed at how many things that you want to do are possible to also enjoy with your pet.

Where Can You Go With Pets? 

The answer is anywhere! America is becoming much more pet friendly. In fact, this year alone, people will spend more than $5.4 billion on traveling with pets. Traveling with pets may be new to you, which makes it a little scary. That’s what you have us for. We are pros at traveling with pets. Count on us to give you accurate information from where to stay to where to play. Some of the hottest places to visit with pets are: Orlando, Austin and San Francisco, but there are many, many more great travel destinations to consider. Read our blogs, as they go into detail about many of America’s travel destinations.Vacation Pet Friendly has a pet-friendly hotel for everyone!
Additional Things to Consider When Traveling with Pets

Always bring vaccination records and a few photos. If your pet needs medication, pack it early so you don’t forget. Not all animals are super sensitive. Your pet may be just fine with all the excitement and newness of travel, but it’s always a good idea to bring along favorite toys and a blanket from home. The blanket will smell like your home, and that can really comfort and provide stability for your animal. Animals in distressful or new situations can act out in unexpected ways, so these precautions are a definite must.

You have options!

Once you decide where to go, remember, any pet friendly hotel we have listed will accept you even if Sparky is staying home with relatives. I hope that made you laugh. But truly, we have more than 1,300 hotel chains including Hyatt, Hilton, Loews, Best Western, La Quinta and many more. You might as well get the great benefits you would when traveling with your pet as you would without, as these niceties are there for the taking as long as the hotel offers it on our website–examples: free parking, Internet, WiFi and Starbucks cards. Plus, Vacation Pet Friendly always likes to give its customers something special for reserving rooms through us so expect a little something in the mail. We value you and your pets and love to show our appreciation.


The earlier you reserve your pet friendly hotel, the better. Always call a couple of days ahead and remind them you will be checking in with your pet so get the treats out! Before you leave home, check out our listings of pet friendly restaurants, shops, beaches, parks and events ahead of time so you have some idea of what’s nearby. Find fun pet events. They really make for a great way to spend the day. America has many, especially during the spring and summer, like the Dog Surfing Competition that comes up every year in June in Imperial Beach. To find events, again, simply type in the city name in the “Find Pet Friendly Activities in Any U.S. City,” and scroll down until you see Animal Events.Now, go figure out where you want to go, reserve your hotel and know that wherever you take your pet in America, Vacation Pet Friendly is here to help.
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