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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly – Is America Finally Catching On?

For decades, Europe has been pet friendly. Now the U.S. is finally realizing people here think of their pets as family as well and want to travel with them. Because of this, many of the top brand hotels began opening their doors, starting with high-end five-star hotels that take pets to one-star establishments. As the trend took hold, hotels that take pets began vying for the business that comes from pet owners and started catering to their needs. So what we have now is a range of pet amenities and perks that hotels provide, which is not necessarily dependent upon how high the hotel is rated, but more upon how each property wants to interpret their pet policy. For example, the Hotel Palomar, San Diego is a five-star hotel that goes all out providing dog beds, special biscuits and cookies in cookie jars scatered throughout the premises and its receptionists are known to love it when guest’s pets keep their feet warm during slow season. However, another five-star hotel such as the Montage Laguna Beach, while the staff loves pets, it limits its pet perks to a dog bed, feeding bowls and a treat. This range of what is considered pet friendly runs throughout many of the major and even smaller hotel chains and varies from hotel to hotel within those chains. But we can almost guarantee that no matter what, you will find a hotel or motel that  permits pets in every U.S. city. Read this article about things to consider when selecting a hotel that will welcome your pet. a collage of pet friendly lodging

Vacation Homes, Bed and Breakfasts, Cabins and Cottages

It’s been about five years since pet friendly became a known phrase among lodging establishments. And as vacation homes, bed and breakfasts and cabins and cottages hit all-time lows in occupancy rates during the recession, they too had to open their minds to letting pets into their rentals. This trend has taken hold and an increasing number of properties throughout America have come to accept furry guests and become pet friendly. But before you set out on any venture, make sure to read out traveling tips. Even a seasoned pro will benefit from them.

Places to Play and Things to Do

So now that we have the hotels and vacation homes welcoming pets, we have to think about what we are going to do once we reach our destinations. Restaurants that allow pets are scattered about, but there aren’t nearly enough of them. Most states require dogs stay on the patios or sidewalks, which means the states that are warm year round are more likely to have more pet guests…or so you would think. However, one of the most pet friendly cities in the world is New York City. While this East Coast city is an exception, places like Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and basically anywhere that has a moderate to warm climate is more likely to have outdoor seating at its restaurants. Vacation Pet Friendly has many listings for pet friendly restaurants where pets are welcome in its Travel Guides, which you can find for every city in the U.S. Here you can find pet friendly parks, restaurants, beaches, parks, events, tours, activities, attractions, veterinarians, groomers and more–basically everything you need for traveling with your furry friend. Use these pages as your travel resource even when you are home.

images of pet friendly things to do at the beach and parkAlright so at this point we know how to find pet friendly hotels and restaurants, but what about things to do. There are many parks that allow pets. These are typically public parks. There is a huge distinction between pet friendly parks and dog parks. Pet friendly parks permit pets on a leash that is usually 6 feet or less. Dog parks allow pets to romp and play freely off leash. Beaches are basically the same. If it’s not a designated dog beach, your pet must stay on a leash…that is if pets are allowed at all. Some beaches require pets stay on the boardwalk. On another note, places such as historic sites often require dogs to stay outside. Museums too are sticklers about pets going inside. In these cases, travelers should search through our database of pet sitters, as they can be found throughout the U.S. On the other hand, tours are becoming much more accepting of pets and many attractions and theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World have their own kennels.

We hope this information gives you the confidence to feel like you can travel effortlessly with your pet. For first-timers, we have many articles that are great reads to help you along. Get helpful information on traveling with your pet.


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