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Pet Airlines – Tips for Smoother Travel

Pet airlines are those that make Sparky feel welcomed. With pet travel becoming increasingly popular among leisure and business travelers, knowing the policies for pet airlines is important. Every airlines is different and has its own set of requirements, restrictions and fees. Before booking your flight, make sure to read our Pet Policies page for every airline that travels to and within the U.S.

If you have never flown with a pet before, watch this video:

Pet Airlines Consider SizeCute little puppy is in a travel carrier to be used on a pet airlines.

Different airlines have different pet policies, but as a general rule, toy breeds that fit inside a hand-bag type carrier may be allowed on the cabin. You will be required to stow your pet beneath your seat for the duration of the flight, but having him with you makes it easy to keep track of his mood and ease his fears. A larger animal, starting with terriers, will likely have to be stowed as cargo. To keep your pet as calm as possible, line his crate with old sheets and blankets from home (the smell will comfort him) and add his favorite toys. Make sure your carrier has tags, including how to reach you should you separate.

Small Meals

To avoid motion sickness and accidents while in transit, do not feed your dog any later than two hours before your flight. Water is more important than food, so keep him hydrated and make letting him out to do his business one of the last steps before leaving for the airport.

Leave a Large Margin of Error

Make sure you add an extra forty-five minutes to an hour to your check-in timeline when traveling with pets. This is especially important the first time around, in the event that some pet airlines policy was overlooked, paperwork isn’t in complete order, and so on. Leaving plenty of time to sort things out will keep you, and therefore, you pet, more calm. Finally, make sure to reward your animal once landed in your destination! Favorite treats and a good rub will ease any of the unease from the flight. Read to find the right airline for you? We have up-to-date information on pet airlines operating in the US, complete with links to their pages for you to easily research their policies, prices and serviced airports.

We have a lot of information on the website to help you when traveling with pets. Here are some helpful tips.

Pet Airlines that Travel in America

Here is a list of pet airlines ranging from those that allow pets to an airline solely dedicated to flying pets in the cabin. Make sure to visit our Pet Policy page where you can read requirements for each of the pet airlines listed below.

  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • AirTran
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle Airlines
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines
  • Chautaugua Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Era Alaska
  • Frontier Airlines
  • GoJet Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Island Air
  • Jet Blue
  • Kenmore Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Mesaba Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • PetAirways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Swiss Air
  • United Airlines
  • US Airways
  • Virgin America
  • Virgin Atlantic

While traveling on a pet airlines for the first time may be a bit stressful, once you see how easy it is, you will be glad you took the first step.

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