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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Dog Friendly Hotels Make Travel Easy

Dog friendly hotels are becoming increasingly more common in America. While it may seem a little unnerving to travel with Sparky for the first time, you can rest assured that if you research the many dog friendly hotels you will realize there are many out there that have decided to take the plunge and bring their dogs along on the family vacation. Even businessmen and businesswomen are getting in on the trend because it reduces stress after a long day of business meetings, to have your pet wagging his tail as you approach the nearby doggie daycare is a great feeling. When you check out the many dog friendly hotels in America at Vacation Pet Friendly, you will be comforted knowing you have a choice in the type of hotel, its amenities, star rating, pet perks and other benefits each offers. There are plenty to choose from like The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in West Los Angeles. Here is an excellent article on pet friendly hotels. They often have videos of hotels with tours, things to do in and around various cities, nearby hiking trails and much more.

Next time you make travel plans, bring ‘em with you!

Reserve at Any of our Dog Friendly Hotels. Then Make Your Agenda.

Now, once you book at any of our dog friendly hotels, you will want to search through our City Travel Guide page to find doggie daycares, pet-friendly beaches and parks, restaurants that allow dogs, animal events and everything you could possibly want or need when traveling with Rover. Here is an example of our City Travel Guide for Orlando. You can create your entire agenda of where to go and what to do in any U.S. city. Simply type in your travel destination and you will be taken to a page where you can select what category of listings you want to see. For example, if you are traveling to Los Angeles with your dog, you would start by searching through our many dog friendly hotels and in Los Angeles, there are 54 of them listed on Vacation Pet Friendly. Then find your doggie daycare so if you want some alone time, you will have already narrowed it down to which one you will take him to when the time comes. If you need a pet sitter, these too are listed on Vacation Pet Friendly. After this, find pet-friendly events, parks beaches and more to help put together your agenda. The website was designed specifically to make traveling with pets easy.

What to Expect at Dog Friendly Hotels

As traveling with pets becomes more commonplace, you will not only find more dog friendly hotels, but you will also find moDog-Friendly Hotels Doormatre dog friendly hotel chains. Right now, Vacation Pet Friendly has more than 1,300 pet-friendly hotel chains that range for allowing your dog to stay for free and offering no or minimal pet amenities, to hotels like Loews in Santa Monica and San Diego that truly go above and beyond to make sure your pet is well cared for. Many dog friendly hotels offer special treats, water bowls in the rooms, photos of your pet in the suites upon arrival, pet beds and much more to make sure you know that pets truly are welcome.

One-and two-star hotels typically don’t provide pet perks. However, they also don’t charge much for hotel stays. When you get to the three-star hotels, you begin to see an increasing number of pet amenities and pet perks. These hotels know your pet is part of the family. While some still haven’t gotten with the program much, at minimum, they offer feeding bowls and often doggie beds. Even five star dog friendly hotels can be outdone by the three- and four-star dog friendly hotels because, they really want your business. The best combination is to find a dog friendly four-star hotel that is having a promotion. We have plenty of these on our site. Simply type in the city name in the Hotels search box, then click on Promotions. You’ll be surprised how many will pop up. If your schedule is flexible, you will be shocked at the price difference for specific dates. Monday through Friday is almost always half as much as weekends, except for holiday.

Now that you understand that dog friendly hotels are not just accepting of your animal, but are actually inviting you to bring Sparky for some vacation fun, book your hotel room now for your upcoming trip. Then start planning your agenda. It’s time to celebrate the newfound liberation of the pet family.

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