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Traveling With Pets In Houston!

Houston, Texas is home to Millie Bush Dog Park. Any park named after a former First Dog has got to be the doggone friendliest city for dogs around, right? Evidence does point to a love of dogs in the Greater Houston area. A plethora of dog parks, dog runs, pet friendly hotels, shops, restaurants, and businesses permeate the metro area, making this a paws-itively awesome place for traveling with pets.

Houston is tops when it comes to dog parks. Mille Bush Dog Park is a large dog friendly park with three separate pools and ponds for Fido to frolic in. The park also features “fire hydrants” and doggie showers for a little pre-ride home de-mudding action. Houston is home to over nine dog parks, one of which, Elizabeth Baldwin park, has five acres of open space with trails, big oak trees, a large wide open field and picnic tables for hanging out. It seems Houston knows what it’s doing when it comes to doggie recreational activities. Traveling with pets in Houston is downright fun!  Check out our Houston Travel Guide to get you on the right track.

If you’re ready to grab a little grub and a cold frosty beer with your dog, look no further than the Black Labrador Pub. Leashed dogs are allowed on their patio and I bet Rover would love a hamburger (minus the bun, of course) of his very own. Other dining with dog options in the Houston area include Barnaby’s Café, a charming dog friendly restaurant named in memory of the owner’s late, great sheepdog. This pawsome place is decorated with a bone motif inside. Dogs are, of course, welcome on Barnaby’s patio, where the waiters deliver dishes of water for the canine customers. When it comes to night life, you and your hound can hit up McElroy’s Irish Pub, which has an extensive beer list and is dog friendly on the patio!

Houston is a city that has parks named after Presidential dogs and restaurants and bars named after dogs- so you can only imagine that there are plenty of dog friendly hotel options as well. And there are! Check out Vacation Pet Friendly’s extensive list of Houston’s paws-itvely pet friendly hotels. From Hiltons to Sheratons to Embassy Suites to Marriotts, La Quintas and even boutique hotels, Houston is full of many paw-mazing options for a good night’s sleep with your puppy pal. My Labrador Retriever and I give Houston a 4 paws up!

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