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We Advocate “Pet Power” to Help Those Traveling with Pets!

Pet owners need a voice that speaks loudly to hotels, airlines and car rental agencies letting them know we want more and better pet travel accommodations. Pet travel is not a fad. Ten years ago, no one would have thought they could bring their pet with them to the Hilton Los Angeles or Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan and enjoy lunch at a nearby pet-friendly restaurant. Obviously times have changed, but there’s still plenty of work to do and Vacation Pet Friendly is ready to do it!

Vacation Pet Friendly is more than a cool place where you can book your hotel, car and airlines when traveling with pets. Please think of us as your advocate for change. “Pet Power” is what we are talking about. The more booking that come through Vacation Pet Friendly, the more power we have to approach hotels, car rental agencies and airlines that don’t accept pets and convince them to change their policies and welcome our furry friends with open arms. Additionally, hotels that have weak pet policies will become more prone to enhance the accommodations and amenities they have for pets.

Together we can do this! Here’s what it takes.

  • Booking your hotel through Vacation Pet Friendly gives us the statistics we need to contact hotel owners. When they hear numbers, they hear dollars. Let’s give credit to those hotels, airlines and car agencies that do care about our pets. They know where the reservations come from through their computer system, so booking through our website is the best way to help us to show we appreciate them. Book your hotel here, as we have the largest selection of pet friendly hotels online and at the lowest prices!
  • Another way to thank them is to submit a blog to us, sharing your pet-friendly vacation experience. Send photos. Tell us where you stayed. Believe me, the hotel marketing staff will see it. Your blog could be the one that makes that particular hotel offer more than just doggie bowls and a treat.
  • Book your airline flight with Vacation Pet Friendly (coming soon). The airlines know where these bookings come from. They have the analytics to see this information. Believe me, not only will these airlines be more inclined to offer more flights that allow pets, but there will be more of them.
  • Book your car rental through Vacation Pet Friendly (coming attraction). Right now, Alamo, Avis, Budget Fox Bonaire, Hertz, National and Thrifty have teamed with us to allow pets. With the exception of Thrifty, which only allows service animals, the rest are pretty good about renting to people traveling with pets. However, there needs to be more!

We’ll work for Pet Power. Will you? Please support us in our efforts! It’s as easy as using our website for making your travel plans (whether traveling with a pet or not). If you are not traveling, but know someone that is, please entice them to reserve through Vacation Pet Friendly. Spreading the word that we exist to your friends and family is, of course, always helpful.

Have a wonderful pet-friendly Memorial Day weekend!



Posted by Lisa on May 27, 2011 in Blog, no comments
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