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Twelve Tips on Traveling with Cats

Traveling with cats is not like traveling with a dog. Cats can and do get used to car travel if they are comfortable. Prior to making road trips with your cat, there are a few tips that will be helpful.

Tip #1. Make sure your cat is welcome at the hotel where you are planning on staying. Many hotels allow pets and you can find a lot of hotel rooms on sale at Pet Hotels of America. Check out their pet policies. Call a few days in prior to leaving to make sure they are totally prepared for you. Traveling with any animal is different that traveling alone.

Tip #2. Get your cat used to traveling in a carrier in the car. It helps if you put the carrier out in your house prior to travel so your cat can feel comfortable and familiar spending time in it. The same carriers used for dogs are good for cats. Most on the market make it easy to pick up to carry by hand as well as strap into the car’s seat belts. If you are renting a car, read this article first. 

Tip #3. Take short trips with your cat in the carrier. This is most important. Every 30 minutes take your cat out of the carrier so she doesn’t feel trapped. Once your cat realizes she will eventually be out of the carrier, she will feel more comfortable. Make it fun for her, offering treats and lots of petting.

Tip #5. Make sure your cat’s shots are up to date. You don’t want to expose your cat to more risks than necessary. While at the veterinarian’s office, check to see if your cat may benefit from a mild tranquilizer. Some cats are more anxious about traveling than others. If you do use one, it may only be a matter of time before

Tip #6. Bring your vaccination records. Keep them handy. Also keep photos of your cat on hand should you become separated.

Tip #7. Equip your cat with a good harness with attached identification tags. Include your name, address, mobile number, home phone and veterinarian contact information. The leash with harness allows you to let your cat get out and stretch without worries. Practice many times walking with your cat on a leash before you take off. The key to success when traveling with cats is making sure they feel comfortable in all aspects of your travels.

Tip #8. Leave your itinerary with your veterinarian in case they should receive a call that your cat was found in case of separation. Microchipping are a huge plus when traveling with cats especially.

Tip #9. Use an approved pet carrier. Cats should never wander freely when inside a moving vehicle. Frightened cats tend to head straight for the foot pedals. Plus a cat will feel much more comfortable with her own carrier and blanket. Make sure to throw in her favorite toy.

Tip 10. Bring your cat’s regular food. A thermos filled with ice cubes is beneficial for your cat in warm weather. Pack separate dishes for water and food. Remember to bring a litter pan, litter and scooper as well as disposal bags.

Tip 11. Many travel supply websites offer warm and cooling travel beds. If your are visiting somewhere with extreme temperatures you may want to purchase one of these. Traveling Pet Supplies has these heated and cooling beds at very reasonable prices.

Tip 12. Bring a small portable water and food carrier. There are many on the market and it will come in handy when you are out and about.
There is a lot of information on long distance road trips with cats. Please share any experiences you have had when traveling with cats or suggestions you may offer to make pet travel easier. We would love to hear from you.

Tip 13. Bring a fold-up stroller for when you want to sightsee. You will be so thankful you did.

Tip 14. Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. Start your search for pet friendly hotels here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!

Posted by Lisa on Mar 27, 2012 in Blog, 1 comment
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