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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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 Traveling with a dog to a city can be fun!

A few years ago when I was a more regular runner, I was contacted by Runner’s World to scout and map a few running routes for them in Seattle. They had partnered with a major hotel chain and, as one of the hotel’s fitness options, wanted to provide guests with a 3 and 5 mile running route leaving from the front door of the hotel.

Thinking back on that reminded me of two things. One is the importance of maintaining healthy habits and staying active even when you are on the road. The other is that walking or running is a great way to see a new City or area of the country.

When traveling with a dog, you are at an advantage because you have a workout partner with you that is ready to go whenever you are. Your dog is itching to get out and is probably staring at your with sad eyes. THAT is pretty motivating. It’s just as important to keep your dog active while on the road as it is for you.

You can get a double advantage with getting out of your hotel room and going for a walk around the city with your dog. You are getting much needed exercise and it is also a great way to experience a new place. When you are walking with the purpose of see something new it’s like an adventure.

So grab your dog and head out the front door of your hotel to one of the city’s favorite destinations. Check a local map and look for any nearby parks. Ask your hotel about nearby must-see attractions – or ones that are a set distance away. Choosing a walking route that is a loop is the best so you can see the more of the city and you don’t have to look at the same thing twice.

If you are driving around the city you are probably so distracted by reading one-way signs and trying to figure out where to go you don’t truly get to see the city and get a real feel of it. When you walk, you get to experience life at a slower pace and really take in your surroundings with all of you senses.

When you go, be sure to bring a map. It’s easy to get turned around in an unfamiliar city. You can plan your walking route before hand and draw in on the map or mark the location of your hotel and just head out with no agenda. With a map you will know which streets to turn on so you don’t get lost and frustrated.

Happy exploring!

Author Attribution

Jessica Rae lives in Seattle with her two weiner dogs and is the creator and publisher of You Did What With Your Weiner, a blog that shares their hiking adventures with the world and promotes the Trail-ing Your Dog to Better Health ™ movement. 

Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. Start your search for pet friendly hotels here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!


Posted by Jessica W. on Mar 17, 2011 in Blog, no comments
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