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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pets Allowed Hotels: Get More for Less

Pets allowed hotels are quickly becoming more commonplace. The Marriott, Hyatt, Hiltons and many of the boutique pets allowed hotels are popping up across America. As you make your travel plans this winter, let us help you do something you may never have done before: take your pets with you hassle-free!

Most people are simply unaware of how simple and easy it can really be to take your pets along with you on your adventures. Once you settle on where you want to go and how to get there, take some time to pick the perfect accommodations.

Where to Start

Pets allowed hotels are more common than you might think! As pet advocates like Vacation Pet Friendly continue to push for better amenities and pet perks at hotels, equally, the kennels, doggie daycares and even restaurants are beginning to vie for today’s pet loving customer. If you are thinking you might brave it out and take your pet with you, start by looking at Vacation Pet Friendly’s Travel Guide for cities that you are thinking about visiting. Here you will be able to see all the places to see and things to do that your potential destination has to offer, from pet friendly parks, hikes, campgrounds and shops to pets allowed hotels where the star ranking range from two star to five star. You’ll enjoy searching around the area to see if this is truly a pet friendly town that you would have fun in with your pet.

Reserving a Pets Allowed Hotel

Finding a pets allowed hotel is easy. Vacation Pet Friendly always has the largest inventory of pet friendly hotels and the lowest prices online. Our pre-negotiated low rates will get you the finest for less and many offering a smorgasbord of pet perks. Your furry friend may be welcomed with his own gift of chef-made cookies, a pet toy, his or her own special embroidered bed and a placemat with food and water bowls. Some hotels even give away John Paul Pet Full Body and Paw Wipes (which by the way are sold at Traveling Pet Supplies) and are the best thing since pockets.

Differences Between Hotels

Mobil Travel Guides first established a hotel rating system in 1958. This made it so travelers would have a guideline regarding the quality of lodging on road trips. Well times have changed and so have the hotels, but the rating system has remained consistent. It uses the same criteria for every inspection and on every property. The Mobil Travel Guide’s inspectors use timepieces to time the efficiency of some of the hotel’s services. The hotel’s first inspection is conducted with the hotel management’s knowledge. However, the hotel is paid an unexpected visit by inspectors beforehand. Using a checklist, the inspector looks for the hotel’s cleanliness, location and condition of repair. This inspection rates the hotel as a one-, two- or three-star hotel.

The second inspection is completed undercover. Even the hotel management hasn’t a clue. This inspection focuses on the hotel’s service using a list established by the Mobil Travel Guide–the same one that was established in the 1950s. It list contains more than 550 points by which hotels are evaluated. The list includes basic services, such as the hotel staff, noting their friendliness and if they are courteous, how reservations are handled and room service that takes into consideration the food quality. The list expands from there to include such amenities as those that are in the fitness center and the luxuriousness of the linens.

If the hotel meets the stringent and large list of Mobil Travel Guide criteria, it then qualifies for a four-star rating. If, in addition to that extensive list, it meets or exceeds the standards of another list of approximately 20 detailed service benchmarks, then the hotel qualifies for a five-star rating award. The five-star rating is the highest rating given by Mobil Travel Guide. Fresh flowers in each room, sound systems, individual showers and phones in the bathrooms and 24-hour room service are often part of the package at a five-star hotel.

What Star Ratings are Pets Allowed Hotels?

Vacation Pet Friendly has ratings for pets allowed hotels ranging from two-star to five-star. It offers pet owners hotel rates of up to 65% off the normal price. Plus, you can choose from more than 1,300 brands and 35,000 hotels in the U.S. alone and 300,000 worldwide. You will be able to view guest comments, amenities, pricing and photos of each of the pets allowed hotels listed at Vacation Pet Friendly. If you are thinking about traveling with pets, it’s also important to check out what is within walking and driving distance of the hotel. Vacation Pet Friendly is city based, so you can find the pet friendly parks, beaches, hikes, restaurants, shops, events, expos and much more from one place. Here are some helpful tips when traveling with pets.

Next time you get the urge to travel, rest assured you can find many pets allowed hotels easily at Vacation Pet Friendly, the one-stop traveling planning website for pet owners.


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