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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Friendly Vacations Easier Than Ever

Pet friendly vacations can make for some of your most memorable trips if you plan it right. The key is to plan your pet-friendly vacations early. Here are a few pointers.

Deciding Where to Go

You will need to first decide what kind of vacation you want to take. Much of this will be determined by what kind of pet you are bringing…dog or cat. It is easier to go where there are the most activities and amenities you and your pet can do together. If you are planning to take a dog, you have many more options. Why? Well-mannered dogs usually make for the perfect travel companion. They are naturals when it comes to traveling, which is why you will find more pet friendly hotels that allow dogs only rather than dogs and cats. Hotels see more pet travel with canines than with cats so they typically aren’t as prepared for cat pet travelers. Plus, there are many more pet friendly restaurants,  activities, such has group tours and cruises, pet events, on- and off-leash parks and other things to do in any given city for dogs than you will find for cats. Cats tend to be homebodies. But you can teach a cat to travel and the best way is to start them out early. So think about what kind of vacation you want.

Here is a video that can show you the many ways Vacation Pet Friendly can help and what to expect during your pet friendly vacations.

Pet Friendly Vacations – Destination Choices

Pet friendly vacations to a city can be truly exciting for you and your pet. Cities such as New York, Austin, Indianapolis and Los Angeles have tons of pet friendly things to do. In fact, there are more off-leash parks in or near New York City than most any other in the U.S. This is because the city is crowded and New Yorkers know their animal needs a place to let off steam. Los Angeles, too, has many off-leash dog parks but for an entirely different reason: sunshine and year-round perfect temperatures make it the land of the great outdoors. Here, people take their pets with them everywhere just as they would their children. New York has 210 pet friendly hotels. Los Angeles has 63 pet friendly hotels, many of which go out of their way to pamper your pet. For instance, the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza  goes all out. The pet friendly hotel doesn’t just welcome pets, it pampers them. The chef, a complete pet lover, thinks of special treats he can make that will provide the best nourishment for pets i.e. eggs for a shinier coat, fish oil for joints etc. Plus, the treats come in a special tin in the shape of a bone.

Looking for something fun to do in the city? How about a pet Expo? Vacation Pet Friendly has listings throughout the country.

Pet friendly vacations in the mountains or countryside is another great way to escape. Denver, South Lake Tahoe, Sedona all these places have many pet friendly hotels to choose from and each has beautiful. Cities like Gatlinburg where you can enjoy the Smoky Mountains. We have a wonderful blog to read about this. Plus, check out the many hiking trails you can take your pet. A lot of them are off-leash which makes for great fun for you and your dog.

Beach vacations are a blast! Off-leash beaches dot the entire California and Florida coastline. Check out Huntington Beach Dog Park in California and Bonita Beach in Florida. These beaches typically allow for your pet to run for miles along beautiful coastline that you both will enjoy. Most are fenced in so your dog won’t go into unwanted territory. It’s great watching your pooch has such a good time.

Wherever your pet friendly vacations take you, you will will most likely find a pet friendly park or better yet, an off-leash park so you pet can romp around freely. America is becoming so much more pet friendly, and knowing where to go makes traveling with pets much easier. All our listings have maps and descriptions so look for these places via our Plan Your Pet Friendly Trip search box. Check out our Travel Guide Page for Seattle, and you will see how our Guides can help you get around just about any city.

Finding Pet Friendly Hotels

Once you have decided the kind of pet friendly vacations you are interested in, figure out the city or town you want to visit. This is why our listings of things to do in any U.S. city really help narrow it down. Then comes the search for a pet friendly hotel. Find the best deals. At any given time, approximately 25 percent of the pet friendly hotels listed at Vacation Pet Friendly are having sales that give you up to 65% discounts for pet owners. Also look for those hotels with human and pet perks such as a free night’s stay, free parking, WiFi and more. Many love pets so look for such pet perks as a bed  and water bowl in the room. There are plenty that go even more overboard than this and they tend to be the higher-end hotels. They like to surprise you with special treats upon arrival so if it says they just offer a pet bed and water bowl, you most likely will be surprised with a pet basket, John Paul Pet travel product giveaways and other niceties you don’t expect.

Vacation Pet Friendly staff members are experts in traveling with pets. Read some of our articles on what to look for in pet friendly hotels, travel tips and other things that can help make your travels easier.

What You Will Need to Bring

The first thing to consider is how will you get to your destination. Taking a car is the easiest: just pack up the pets in their carriers, along with some food and water bowls, old sheets and towels from home, and a few favorite toys. Load everyone up in the car and go! Taking a plane or train takes just a little more planning. When researching flights, check out the websites for the airlines under consideration to see what their policies are for animals. Some will stow all crates in storage, others will allow cats and toy breed dogs to stay with you in the cabin.

Packing Right for Your Pet Friendly Vacations

Traveling by plane, car or RV, you will need to bring staples for your pet:

1. Vaccination records

2. Photos of your pet in case of separation

2. Medications

3. Car restraints

4. Pet carriers

5. Strollers (especially for cats that are not used to being leashed)

6. Portable water and feeding container

We at Vacation Pet Friendly wish you a wonderful vacation!

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