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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Airline Travel

Pet friendly airline travel is easier than ever. As more and more people take to the skies, the biggest problem with travel, of course, is figuring out what to do with your pets. Some still choose to leave them home in the care of friends or a pet hotel. Other, particularly people with smaller animals such as cats and small dogs, tend to take them with them. But regardless of size, so many of us want to travel with our pets now. The key is to find the perfect pet friendly airline, hotel and rental car.

Flying your animals can be smooth and easy, or challenging. Below are the things to look for in a pet friendly airline.

Cabin or Cargo:

This is the single biggest issue for pet owners: Not all pet friendly airlines will allow you to board your animals in the cabin with you. Some will require all animals to be stowed as cargo, even small rodents and domesticated birds. Most of the time, your pets will be fine in cargo. However, take caution when your pet is traveling in the in the cargo hold. Make sure to read up on pet policies for the various airlines.

If you would rather not take the risk, look into airlines that will allow your pet to stay with you for the duration of the flight.

Size of Your Pet:

In this respect, people with smaller animals – twenty pounds or less – have a decided advantage. Most pet friendly airlines will allow these smaller animals to travel in a kennel in the cabin. Larger dogs will have to be boarded as cargo. However, this isn’t necessarily true of all airlines: check to make sure that your toy breed will, in fact, be allowed to stay with you as some airlines don’t even allow smaller dogs in the cabin.

Weather Restrictions:

In times of excessive heat or cold, certain airlines may not allow animals to fly. This is because they would be exposed to extreme heat or cold, and that could compromise the health of your pets. Be aware of this when making your travel plans: try to avoid flying in the hottest or coldest months.


If the health and comfort of your animal is more important to you than having them with you every step of the way, consider booking a flight on a dedicated pet airline: your furry companions are sure to travel in comfort, and be returned to you in excellent condition. When doing your research on pet friendly airlines, make sure you have the most current information. Start with out website: we are constantly updating our page with the policies of all major air carriers, as well as the burgeoning animal-only airlines. Armed with the facts, you and your pets can rest easy on your next flight. So find flights for less and book today!

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