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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Every shore of Lake Tahoe has it’s own distinct charm.

North Lake Tahoe has a wonderful village feel. Besides having some of the world’s best skiing with Squaw and Alpine Village nearby and minutes from Northstar, there are plenty of things to do with your pet. During the summer, its ski areas are fun places to hike with your pet.  There is one road around the lake and from Kings Beach to Tahoe City, you will run parallel to the lake’s shoreline. Most of one-to-two-block side streets will take you to the shore.  But if you and your pooch really want to get away, be sure to check out the more desolate mountain hiking.  From most pet friendly hiking trails on the North Shore, you will enjoy spectacular views of the lake. However, there are plenty that lead to small mountain lakes and streams where, if you take your fishing poll and know anything about fishing, you should be able to land yourself a nice sized trout. Most of these “watering holes” are isolated, so you more than likely will not see anyone during your entire hike. This is one pet friendly mountain resort you will want to include on your bucket list.The bike trail along the Truckee Rive makes for a fantastic day. Bike rentals are in Tahoe City, where if your pooch is small, take your basket. If your dog knows how to run along side you, there’s no place more refreshing and fun to be than riding along the Truckee. Also, bring your swimsuit, because there’s plenty of places to jump in the river and cool off. Then at the end, visit the River Lodge for a cool refreshment. Your pet will enjoy the whole experience along with you. Kings Beach is another North Shore area to explore with your pooch. Walk along the lakefront and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the water and the quaint shops along the main drag. North Lake Tahoe is a pet friendly favorite!

West Shore is more quiet and subdued. There are a few scattered restaurants to enjoy, one being right on the lake with a marvelous Sunday buffet. This shore is more shaded and the bike trail runs through it for quite some ways from the Truckee River.

South Shore is known for its many casinos. But if you travel up Pioneer Trail, you’ll reach more peaceful areas in Meyers. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the mountains behind the casinos. You and your pooch will find plenty of hiking trails there even though it’s primarily flat compared to the hiking of the West and North Shores.  Just the same, there are some great places to explore with Fido. Enjoy!



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