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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

With spring and summer comes to itch to break out the suitcases, pack bright and light clothing and get out of town for a few days. No matter what the economy is doing, Americans are proving that they will always find ways to get some rest and relaxation, no matter what the budget or time constraints may be.

If you are looking to get out of town in the coming months, you know one of the first things to get squared away is the care of your pet. Many people end up asking friends or family members to take on the responsibilities…and then spend the whole trip worrying about their pet’s safety and health. If your neighbors or family members don’t have pets of their own, or haven’t spent much time with your animal, they are probably not the best option. This is particularly true if you plan to be away for more than just a few days.

The next time you have to leave town, whether for a weekend or a month, why not look into your local dog hotels? Much more than a kennel, dog hotels are true the image conjured by the name: full service hotels for your pup.

Checking your dog into one of your local dog hotels is the easiest way to ensure your pet gets the best possible care. With amenities like water parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, group and private playtime, TV time, and private rooms, you can customize your package to create the ultimate experience for your dog. Dog hotels operate under the same philosophy of service as the hotels you stay in: they understand that your dog is the customer, and do all they can to provide safe, happy and fun environments for him.

Dog hotels are also a great way to ensure that your animal’s schedule isn’t changed, which will help keep them happy while you are away and prevent confusion when you come home. In most dog hotels, you can customize the number of feedings per day, walks per day, types of food – bring your own when you drop off your dog, or choose from a selection of premium brands offered by the facility – TV, DVDs or music played in your dog’s room, administration of medication, and so on.

Dog hotels are staffed twenty-fours per day, so there is always someone there to look after your animal. They also will have at least one veterinarian on call at all times, should there be any medical problems. If you want, you can even arrange to have someone sleep right next to your dog, and provide him with nightly companionship. If that seems a little excessive, you can still check up on your pup with the webcam – standard in most dog hotels – day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Read to find dog hotels in your area? See our listings page for ones near you, and schedule a tour! See first hand the quality of care your dog could be receiving, and never worry about your pet again when you travel.

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