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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Travel Website Makes Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels & Kennels Easy for Pet Owners

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.–Vacation Pet Friendly, the first pet-friendly website offering travel services through which animal owners may reserve pet-friendly hotels, airlines and car rentals, in addition to finding kennels and pet hotels from one place, has launched.

The website was designed to make traveling with pets in America easy.

“We want people to enjoy the freedom of traveling with their pets without having to visit multiple sites to find what they need,” said Lisa Porter, CEO, Vacation Pet Friendly. “Now pet-friendly hotels, airlines and car rental companies local to each traveler’s destination may be found and reserved at one place.”

On the other hand, pet owners that wish to leave their animal at home can search through the website’s growing list of kennels, pet hotels, doggie day care centers and other pet lodging. Vacation Pet Friendly’s listings of kennels and other pet lodging is searchable by city for people planning to travel with their pet, but seeking separate lodging near their hotel.

Development of the website was based upon making arrangements to travel with a pet as easy as without.

“Our goal is to keep abreast of our visitors travel needs, likes and dislikes to keep providing services that are helpful,” said Porter

The website has a variety of other amenities. It provides extensive travel information through its blog; showcases a “Pet of the Week,” to which anyone may submit; advertises traveler’s favorite hotel and kennel; and swaps stories about travels with pets. Visitors will also enjoy an assortment of funny pet-related videos and, on a more serious note, listings of rescue dogs waiting for someone to claim them.

For more information on Vacation Pet Friendly, please visit www.vacationpetfriendly.com or call (877) 375-1946.


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