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Pit Bulls Make for Loving Pets Pet Travel Companions for Road Trips

Pit Bulls have a developed a bad reputation. This is quite sad and for the most part, undeserved. Many don’t realize the excellent companion animals pit bulls make. They don’t know how gentle and sweet they are if they are raised by responsible people. Shelagh Begg, of HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society is sharing information about pit bulls that you should know.

• A pit bull refers to three breeds that are related: the American Pit Bull Terrier (40-50 lbs.), the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (approximately 30 lbs.), and the American Staffordshire Terrier (50-60 lbs.). Many don’t have a true understanding of what a “pit bull” looks like. Many often mistake hounds, labs and boxers for pit bulls.

• Children and pit bulls often make a harmonious combination. The loving “Petey” on the Little Rascals 1920s and 1930 series of the was a pit bull. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was known as the “Nanny Dog” in early 20th century England. The pit bull is one of only two registered breeds in which a love of children is included in its breed standard.

• After testing more than 28,000 dogs since 1977, pit bulls consistently pass the American Temperament Test (ATT) with flying colors. Dogs are measured for friendliness, confidence and sociability. Pit bull breeds score in the same range as, border collies, shepherds, golden retrievers, and boxers.

• Pit bulls are the choice of many a celebrity. Known pit bull owners include , Thomas Edison, Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Jon Stewart, Rachel Ray, Fred Astaire, Jessica Biel, Helen Keller- and most famously the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

• Pit bulls are born working dogs. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence and work ethic. Many are are used for honorable practices such as therapy, assistance, search and rescue, and sports champions. For example, one pit bull, Sergeant Stubby, served in America’s armed forces during World War I. Sergeant Stubby earned the tittle as the most decorated war dog. Sergeant Stubby is so highly decorated, he has his own Wikipedia page!

• In a survey, the rescue association HugABull.com asked members of their community why pit bulls are their breed of choice. Following are the results:

They have a great sense of humor -being happy dogs that love to do run circles and be fun and silly with their people.

They are athletic by nature. Their inborn “off switch” makes them couch potatoes in the house. They are suitable for road trip pet travel. It is not advised for pit bulls to fly in the cargo hold.

They have a silky wash-and-wear coat. Their shedding is minimal.

Unfortunately, because pit bulls have a reputation as mean and tough dogs, they often find themselves in the hands of irresponsible owners. Pit bulls suffer the highest rates of abuse. The record the lowest rates of adoption. Plus, they are euthanized more than any other breed.

Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. A lot of hotels won’t accept large dogs, so make sure to read up on their pet policies. Start your search for pet friendly hotels here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!


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