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Pets in Love Take Their Vows

Not too long ago, on the most romantic day of the year, two cats in love took their vows. For better or for worse, the pair vowed to honor and obey if and when someone gives them a home–together. We at Vacation Pet Friendly¬†know this handsome couple will find a home (how could anyone resist?). So while most of us get teary-eyed at weddings, this one landed our team of pet-lovers in hysterics.

We are not sure how they met…perhaps Match.com? e-Harmony?…or the exact date, but you can tell they are soul mates. Otie, a handsome purr of a Maine Coon mix, is about four and one half years old. He’s been hanging at the Baltimore Humane Society since March, when his owners moved away.

We don’t know much about Geo though. From the looks in their eyes, we can only assume they fell for each other the second they touched paws. They say that opposites attract, but these cutie cats are both shy, which might be why no one has picked them up for adoption. They tend to hang out in the back of their cages and get ignored. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors :)

On this same day, Trixie, draped in a stylish white satin gown complimented with a rose-strung necklace and Shiloh clad in a tux, also tied the knot. It is usually hard to restrain the two chihuahuas from showing their affection for each other in public, however, they managed to keep it toned down during the ceremony. They buried their sweet, playful ways for the time and showed nothing but true love and devotion to each other.

Thank you Baltimore Humane Society for sharing this bitter sweet and hysterically funny video with us. Hopefully someone will cherish these true-love relationships and want to bask in its glory by bringing the two lovebirds…oops, love cats, and the fun-loving chihuahua couple into their home. If you decide this is for you and want to book a vacation, make sure to check out our 35,000 pet-friendly hotels. We’ll supply the champagne!

Posted by Lisa on Feb 28, 2012 in Blog, no comments
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