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Antler Shreds–Health Treat for Training, Pet Travel Nibbles and a Happy Pet

Wanna hear the latest in dog treats? The Red Dog Company is now releasing to retail pet stores, Red’s Sheds Antler Treats.

If you’re worried about how the company brings these treats from animal to market, don’t. The antlers are supposedly 100% organic and sustainable chews that are derived from the annual antler shedding of wild, free-range deer and elk.

And with 77.5 million owned dogs in the U.S., at least according to the U.S. Humane Society, I’m sure The Red Dog Company will be eyeing a lot of these free-range deer and elk!

Fortunately for the deer, they lose their antlers once a year. This is part of their circle of nature…a natural process. Then the deer grow another! Lucky them. The company says the deer or elk are never harmed in any way, touched or hunted to gather their shed antlers for the purpose of obtaining these doggie treats. Simply put, each spring, the antlers drop from their heads. That’s when The Red Dog Company heads to Texas, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado to swoop in and pick them up.

How did they figure Spot or Lola would like these treats? Simple. Most dogs that live in the wild find the aroma and taste of them irresistible.

These natural treats are made of honeycombed true bone. Most treats on the market are made of hollow keratin horns from goats, cattle, sheep or antelopes—ungulate mammals. Deer antlers, on the other hand, are rich in minerals including high concentrations of phosphorus and calcium. They also have magnesium, iron, sodium, glucosamine (great for joints), potassium and chondroitin sulfates. But you don’t have to take The Red Dog Company’s word for it. Apparently veterinarians recommend them because they don’t have hormones, antibiotics, unwanted animal by-products or steroids in them. Plus, the bone marrow is packed with vital nutrients, don’t splinter, chip or crack.

Pets living on ranches have chewed deer antlers for hundreds of years. The company’s owner, Allison Sims, discovered this while visiting a ranch. She saw a good business opportunity and jumped on it.

I don’t know about you, I’m planning on buying a few bags of Red’s Sheds Antler Treats! There website is: www.thereddogco.com in case you were wondering.

While Vacation Pet Friendly is a website designed to make it easy for people who enjoy pet travel to book their rooms, flights and cars, plus find nearby kennels, pet hotels, pet resorts and doggie daycares, we also like to keep our readers informed about the latest and greatest in dog nutrition. Bon Appetite!



Posted by Lisa on May 25, 2011 in Blog, no comments
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