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Pet Travel Alert: Celebrity Pet PI & Other Firms Specialize in Missing Pets

Each year, more than 2 million Americans are faced with discovering their pets missing. Following is information on what three companies are doing to help. Remember, once an animal goes missing, time is of the essence. Each of the companies below have their own systems in place. Vacation Pet Friendly does not endorse any of them, as we personally have not had the need to use their services. However, we have done some research and would like to share them with you. Please go to their individual websites to find out detailed information that is good to know regardless of if pet travel is on your itinerary or not.

PetAmberAlert.com – http://www.petdetectiveu.com Karin TarQwyn, the well-known celebrity pet investigator, has joined teams with PetAmberAlert.com, the nationwide lost pet recovery and protection system. In this partnership, TarQwyn will certify and train PetAmerberAlerts.com’s staff so they too can become a pet detective. Because their search is nationwide, they are source to remember for pet travel. The training will take place at the Pet Detective University’s website. Many of you know Karin TarQwyn from her appearances on MSNBC, Cesar’s Way, TODYA, CNN and other TV shows throughout the U.S. She’s also been featured in Dog Fancy, The Boston Globe and even the New York Times. She began her stint as a private investigator in 1996. When her dog, Jack, came up missing in 2004, there was no system to locate pets. At that point she began devising techniques and processes that helps to locate and recover missing pets. Her system uses mass communication channels that distribute important information once a pet goes missing. Her specialized software has a 10-70 mile radius reach to people, from the point where the missing pet was last seen. FindToto.com –www.findtoto.com This company claims to have a 78.2% success rate in finding pets within 48 hours and a 68% success rate after 48 hours. Their alert system features alerts posted on Facebook and Twitter, immediate alert delivery and more. This company has an automated calling system that alerts neighbors. It offers packages you can choose from as a precaution so your system is in place should your be come up missing. Best Friends Network – website at http://networkbestfriends.org/communities If you are traveling with pets and one of the goes missing, post a message in the Forums section f the Best Friends Network website at http://network.bestfriends.org/groups/techcentral/pages/creating-a-forum-post.aspx. Here you can post a message that goes to its members. This network is comprised of thousands of animal lovers and organizations countrywide that work to help pets in their communities.

Here’s a few tips on what you can do on your own:

  • If you suspect your pet has been stolen, get your local police on the case immediately.
  • Talk to neighbors, mail carriers, children…anyone who could have seen your pet. Show them a photo and ask them to keep an eye out for your pet.
  • Check the nearby shelters daily. You need to walk though, as the staff at a shelter is typically too busy to remember each animal that goes through their system.
  • Call the animal control officer in your area and surrounding areas. Make sure each has a photo. Visit pounds daily.
  • Call veterinary clinics in the area and get them a photo of your pet. Ask if anyone has brought in a pet that fits your pet’s description.
  • Read the Pet Found sections of local newspapers each day.
  • Search late at night or early each morning at the last place your pet was seen. Bring her favorite treat and a flashlight. Call her name repeatedly.
  • If your pet is registered with a lost-pet network company or organization, call them immediately.
  • While Vacation Pet Friendly is a leading pet-friendly travel website, we like to keep our community advised of information that can be helpful whether it has to do with pet travel, pet health, lost pets and more. Please stay tuned for our blogs. We are sure you will find them fresh and interesting.


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