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Photo of Elizabeth LaKamp co-founder of Pet Cooler Carrier
Pet Cooler Carrier sold at Pet Hotels of America
Pet Cooler Carrier
Elizabeth Lakamp is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Pet Cooler Carrier. She works closely with her partner, Craig Skaggs, to manufacture and market this highly effective means of keeping pets at a comfortable temperature and hydrated. It’s the first and only cooling and hydration system available. Pet Cooler Carrier is a eco-friendly portable comfort and hydration station for pets and working animals. The carrier, which is made in the USA, is three times more sturdy than a standard carrier even though it weighs only 8 pounds. It’s the perfect carrier for traveling with a pet. The Pet Cooler Carrier has five ice/storage trays; two heat-resistant curtains and one front ID curtain and a self sealing water spigot. It is available for small dogs with three larger carriers planned to be introduced in July. Lakamp is now taking orders for May deliveries of the small Pet Cooler Carrier. In addition to the debut of Pet Cooler Carrier at the 2013 Global Pet Expo, Lakamp owns her own entertainment business in the metro St Louis area. Performing for children and the elderly are a part of her life long passion. With years of customer service, sales, and performance experience, Lakamp is well prepared for the upcoming public awareness she will be creating for Pet Cooler Carrier.
Sold at: www.petcoolercarrier.com and www.pethotelsofamerica.com. Telephone: (855) 422-6657

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