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Photo of Gila and Jon Kurtz of Dog is Good
Dog is Good logo interviewed at Pet Hotels of America
INTERVIEW: Gila and Jon Kurtz, Owners, Dog is Good
Jon Kurtz graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1982. After 27 1/2 years of service with the rank of Captain, he retired. During this time he earned master’s degrees from The George Washington University (Information Systems Management) and The US Army War College (Strategic Studies). He now owns and operates, along with his wife, Gila, a thriving apparel and gifts store of original products for people that love pets. From the product line, you will instantly see his love and devotion for pets is boundless. Gila Kurtz graduated from Virginia Tech University in 1987. When she bought Jon with her Visa card at a bid for bachelors auction in 1988 (true story), it effectively ended her teaching career. After she convinced Jon to adopt a too-young Dalmatian puppy, Gila learned she really liked dogs and decided to pursue a career as a dog trainer. She immersed herself in the study and application of the science of canine behavior. She quickly became the go-to dog trainer. Her moto: “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Not part of the strategic ownership team of Dog is Good, she works diligently to express her love of pets through a leading product line of products for people that love pets.
Website: http://www.dogisgood.com Phone: 562.735.0219

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