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Healers Petcare interview with Terri Entler
Healers Petcare logo as shown on Pet Hotels of America
Healers Petcare
Terri Entler, an engineer and entrepreneur who founded Healers Petcare medical product line that is first of its kind developed to help dogs with healing paws. Her company offers dog booties, complete with a specialized gauze insert that holds in place and won’t stick to the wound. Healers Petcare also offers Urban Walkers, a protective walking boot for pets to insulate their paws from extremely hot and cold surfaces. Terri has worked with the National Guide Dogs for the Blind to assist in the development of these Urban Walkers. These pet shoes are perfect for traveling, especially to places that have extreme temperatures. Healers Petcare products are sold at www.healerspetcare.com and www.pethotelsofamerica.com.
Website: www.healerspetcare.com Telephone: (800) 924-7036

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