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Pet News Radio Interviews
Thank you for tuning in to the Pet News Radio programs. We are sure you will find them informative and entertaining. Please click on any topic of interest below.  Host: Lisa Davies Company: Vacation Pet Friendly Lisa Davies. She advocates pet travel by working with hotels, restaurants, event organizers and others to ensure that pets are welcomed.
Program – Pet Friendly Events

Dog Heroes
Author Nona Kilgore Bauer shares with us the role America’s rescue dogs had in helping with the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, as documented in her book Dog Heroes of September 11th – A Tribute to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs. During this rare interview, Nona Kilgore Bauer, an award-winning author, culls from her book to describe what America’s rescue dogs are trained to do, the noble efforts put forth when working at the attack sites, and the many other roles the heroic rescue dogs played in helping people get through this horrific time. This is an interview that will touch the hearts of all dog lovers.

photo of Sol Box developer
Pawsitive Lighting
Pawsitive Lighting
Does your cat or dog suffer with mood swings during the fall and winter months? Max Marvin developed a product called Sol Box sold by Pawsitive Lighting, which increases the level of serotonin in animals to help during dark winter months. Sol Box emits 10,000 LUX of white light to improve energy and sleep patterns, decrease anxiety and aggression, relieve pets from seasonal alopecia. If your cat or dog suffers from seasonal mood swings, this could be the perfect product to keep him stable.
Sold at: www.pawsitivelighting.comTelephone: 1-503-395-7299

Photo of Greg Van Curen
e-Collar Technologies logo
E-Collar Technologies
Greg Van Curen has developed a technology to give your pooch total unleashed freedom, yet still keep him under your control — E-Collar Technologies. The company’s products were designed to replace leashes, which he felt were irritating, aggravating and potentially harmful to dogs. His products use “blunt” stimulation that is remote controllable and non-shocking, making for a humane e-collar design. Prior to launching E-Collar Technologies, Greg was the co-founder and President of Innotek Pet Products in the 90′s. He has more than 10 patents in the ecollar field and has brought many innovations over the years.
Sold at: www.ecollar.com Telephone: 1-855-326-5527

Photo of Elizabeth LaKamp co-founder of Pet Cooler Carrier
Pet Cooler Carrier sold at Pet Hotels of America
Pet Cooler Carrier
Elizabeth Lakamp is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Pet Cooler Carrier. She works closely with her partner, Craig Skaggs, to manufacture and market this highly effective means of keeping pets at a comfortable temperature and hydrated. It’s the first and only cooling and hydration system available. Pet Cooler Carrier is a eco-friendly portable comfort and hydration station for pets and working animals. The carrier, which is made in the USA, is three times more sturdy than a standard carrier even though it weighs only 8 pounds. It’s the perfect carrier for traveling with a pet. The Pet Cooler Carrier has five ice/storage trays; two heat-resistant curtains and one front ID curtain and a self sealing water spigot. It is available for small dogs with three larger carriers planned to be introduced in July. Lakamp is now taking orders for May deliveries of the small Pet Cooler Carrier. In addition to the debut of Pet Cooler Carrier at the 2013 Global Pet Expo, Lakamp owns her own entertainment business in the metro St Louis area. Performing for children and the elderly are a part of her life long passion. With years of customer service, sales, and performance experience, Lakamp is well prepared for the upcoming public awareness she will be creating for Pet Cooler Carrier.
Sold at: www.petcoolercarrier.com and www.pethotelsofamerica.com. Telephone: (855) 422-6657

Healers Petcare interview with Terri Entler
Healers Petcare logo as shown on Pet Hotels of America
Healers Petcare
Terri Entler, an engineer and entrepreneur who founded Healers Petcare medical product line that is first of its kind developed to help dogs with healing paws. Her company offers dog booties, complete with a specialized gauze insert that holds in place and won’t stick to the wound. Healers Petcare also offers Urban Walkers, a protective walking boot for pets to insulate their paws from extremely hot and cold surfaces. Terri has worked with the National Guide Dogs for the Blind to assist in the development of these Urban Walkers. These pet shoes are perfect for traveling, especially to places that have extreme temperatures. Healers Petcare products are sold at www.healerspetcare.com and www.pethotelsofamerica.com.
Website: www.healerspetcare.com Telephone: (800) 924-7036

Gillian Larson - Pet friendly event Reality Rally
Gillian Larson – Pet friendly event Reality Rally
After several episodes on the reality TV show, Survivor, Gillian Larson was eliminated. It was this misfortune that inspired her to become a hero of a different sort –one that has changed the lives of hundreds of people battling cancer. She began raising funds for Michelle’s Place by organizing one of the most fun events in California, to which more than 110 reality TV show stars participate. At this 3-day event, TV stars gather in Temecula, Calif. to have fun participating in Gillian’s fun-packed challenges that take place throughout the town. The public can sign up to participate on a team with celebrities, get autographs or simply sit back and watch the fun. The entire town gets involved with this event. Reality Rally 2014 will be held April 11, 12 13. Each year, Chopper the Biker Dog is on hand to show off his riding skills. It’s a kid- and pet-friendly fun-filled weekend. Events include a celebrity reception held at Wilson Creek Winery, Amazing Race, Meet & Greet the Stars and more.
Purchase tickets at Reality Rallyor phone: (951) 694-4400.

Gina Dial photo for Pet News Radio Interview at Pet Hotels of America
John Paul Pet logo on Pet Hotels of America
INTERVIEW: Gina Dial, Vice President Sales & Marketing, John Paul Pet
Gina talks about the new John Paul Pet botanically enriched product line and how it is solution based. With our botanically enriched shampoos, conditioners and hygienic pet wipes, you can now deep clean, deodorize and maintain your pet from head to tail – eyes, ears, teeth, paws and coat. Regular care and attention to these critical areas will make for a happier pet and a healthier life. She also talks about the way John Paul Pet follows in the foot steps of our founders with our “Behind the Paw” culture that brings people, passion and programs together in an effort to create a better world. It is this culture that sets us apart, making John Paul Pet one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Gina discusses the company’s partnerships and how it works with Paul Mitchell Schools across the United States to give back to help animals in need on a local, regional and even national level to promote the benefits of proper care and hygiene for pets while increasing awareness of animal-related issues and to volunteer within the community to support animal-friendly causes through education, outreach and love.
Website: http://www.johnpaulpet.com Phone: 888.588.1119

Photo of Gila and Jon Kurtz of Dog is Good
Dog is Good logo interviewed at Pet Hotels of America
INTERVIEW: Gila and Jon Kurtz, Owners, Dog is Good
Jon Kurtz graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1982. After 27 1/2 years of service with the rank of Captain, he retired. During this time he earned master’s degrees from The George Washington University (Information Systems Management) and The US Army War College (Strategic Studies). He now owns and operates, along with his wife, Gila, a thriving apparel and gifts store of original products for people that love pets. From the product line, you will instantly see his love and devotion for pets is boundless. Gila Kurtz graduated from Virginia Tech University in 1987. When she bought Jon with her Visa card at a bid for bachelors auction in 1988 (true story), it effectively ended her teaching career. After she convinced Jon to adopt a too-young Dalmatian puppy, Gila learned she really liked dogs and decided to pursue a career as a dog trainer. She immersed herself in the study and application of the science of canine behavior. She quickly became the go-to dog trainer. Her moto: “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Not part of the strategic ownership team of Dog is Good, she works diligently to express her love of pets through a leading product line of products for people that love pets.
Website: http://www.dogisgood.com Phone: 562.735.0219

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