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Pet Friendly Hotels Telluride — Making Seasonal Travel Easy

If you looking for a ski area with pet friendly hotels, Telluride is the place for you. This travel destination is one of America’s favorites, year round. It’s got some of the most vertical slopes of any ski areas. The town itself is quaint and picturesque. During winter, the snow covered mountains are a spectacular site. During summer, you can see gorgeous forests and waterfalls galore. Visit our Pet Friendly Lodging and Travel Guide for complete details on where to stay and play!

Favorite Pet Friendly Hotels Telluride Offers

The first step in traveling with your dog to Telluride is to find the perfect lodging. The Peaks Resort and Spa and The Hotel Telluride and Hotel Madeline Telluride.

Although the Mountain Lodge Telluride is ranked a three-star, it is highly rated by guests. The pet friendly hotel encourages guests to bring their pets. However, expect to pay a $50 per day non-refundable charge per day up to $150 maximum. All are dog friendly hotels in Telluride and close to the ski areas.

In addition to the many pet friendly hotels Telluride also has its share of pet friendly restaurants.

When it comes to things to do, in Telluride, there’s plenty. Make sure to take your pooch to Telluride Town Park. This 36-acre landscaped public park and festival grounds is hidden in a gorgeous dramatic box canyon. Looking up, you will see 12000 foot mountains. Dogs of all sizes are allowed throughout this pet friendly park, with the exception of the event center during festivals or other planned happenings. Leashes are required.

Some favorite dog friendly hiking trails include: The River Trail, which is a 3-mile trail that follows the San Miguel River; Jud Wiebe, a two-hour hike with wonderful views of Telluride; and Bear Creek Trail, where after 1.5 hours, you and your pet will reach a waterfall. Listings of hikes, information and maps may be found on our Telluride Travel Guide page.

So if you plan to take a ski trip this year, or summer mountain vacation, start by searching the the many pet friendly hotels Telluride offers and browse through our travel guide. Planning is key when traveling with pets any time of year. You also might want to read our Travel Tips article, as it really will help make your travels easy.



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