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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Hotels in the U.S. – Pet Perks & Discounts

Staying at any of the pet friendly hotels in the U.S. has its pros and cons. Truly, your pet’s personality is the single most important factor when considering if you should go with hotel stays or consider alternative pet lodging such as vacation home rentals, cabins or cottages. Plus, you want to make sure the city is pet friendly. Here is information to consider when planning your pet travels.

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How to Use Vacation Pet Friendly to Find the Best Deals on Pet Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

Vacation Pet Friendly only pulls up the lowest price on pet friendly lodging in the U.S. lists all the amenities. Once you get to a page that lists all the pet friendly hotels in a specific city, click on the Promotions tab on the right. If you’ve input the dates of your stay, you can find pet friendly hotels in the specified city according to how much you want to pay. Here is some food for thought when traveling with your pet. Here is a good article that has a list of items you will need to bring.


While you can’t take your pet with you everywhere, make sure that you do spend time with him at the beach, a nearby pet friendly park, dog park, or even shopping. Get your dog plenty of exercise so when it comes time to leave for dinner, he is too pooped to care. Make sure to leave the Do not Disturb sign on the door. The key is to get the most of the pet friendly hotels in the U.S., so when the time comes, you can enjoy the human-only attractions, dinner, museums and other activities you would typically do at home. Just because your dog is on vacation with you doesn’t mean you are restrained to do only pet-friendly activities. A good balance is essential for you and your pet. When it comes time to leave your pet for some alone time, check out our Travel Guide page for that city for kennels, dog sitters, doggie daycares and dog walkers. Here is a what our Travel Guide for Las Vegas looks like. Use these pages to your advantage as they truly can be helpful.


Think about how your pooch will reach to sounds outside the door. Typically the high end pet friendly hotels in the U.S. are more soundproof so if your dog is a barker, then you may want to start with the three-stars or higher rated hotels. Here are some tips on getting your dog used to being in a hotel:

1. Stay in the room for a period upon arrival and play with your pooch so he gets used to his surroundings

2. Take a tour of the grounds together so your pet gets a sense of where he is.

3. Let the guests give your pet attention, but carefully monitor this, as too much attention can cause stress.

4. Leave the television or radio on when you leave him alone in the room.

5. Leash your pet and leave the door open when you first arrive so you pet can see people walking past are harmless.

Pet Stores

Pet friendly hotels typically have a very small selection of pet items in their onsite stores. It’s wise to glance through our Travel Guide at your destination to find pet stores near where you are staying just in case you need something for your furry friend.

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Pet Friendly Cities

There are pet friendly hotels in just about every city in America, however, not all cities are created equal when it comes to being pet friendly. You will find 76 pet friendly hotels in Denver, however, pet travelers often comment that the city is not all that pet friendly. On the other hand, there are about the same amount of pet friendly hotels in Austin, 81 to be exact, and it’s considered one of the most pet friendly cities in America.

America’s top pet-friendly cities are:

#1– New York City

There are 167 pet-friendly hotels in New York City. It also has 266 pet-friendly restaurants and 27 off-leash dog parks parks.

# 2– Houston

There are 170 pet-friendly hotels in Houston. It also has 131 restaurants and 26 off-leash dog parks.

#3 – San Antonio

There are 138 pet-friendly hotels in San Antonio and 77 pet-friendly restaurants and 15 off-leash dog parks.

Before taking off on any vacation, read our article on travel tips.

We wish you a great trip no matter what your travel destination!


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