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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Hotels That Are Pet Friendly  - What To Look For

When you are planning your vacation and looking for hotels that are pet friendly, there are several things to consider. Besides the hotel being of your liking and within your price range, you will want to find out if your pet is simply allowed or is he really welcomed. Whether the hotel is a two-star or five-star doesn’t matter when it comes to pet perks and whether its staff opens its arms to pet guests. There are many hotels that are great for short stays that simply allow pets and either charge very little or nothing at all. These establishments are more for on-the-road types of stays that are short. If doing a road trip, check out the La Quinta and Best Western hotels–most of them are quite nice. If you are planning on flying to your travel destination, make sure to read this article first on airline travel with pets.

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Pet Perks at Hotels That Are Pet Friendly

Three-star hotels is where you start getting into pet perks, even if only a water bowl and bed are provided. Four-star hotels, which are the most popular with people traveling with pets, typically are where you will get the most pet perks for least amount of money if you look for deals, especially during off season or mid-week. For example, the Paris Las Vegas goes for $190 August 2-4- a weekend; whereas it goes for $64 August 5-7, a Monday and Tuesday. That is a huge savings and it’s merely a day’s difference. To top it off, this particular hotel offers perks galore with a wonderful PetStay program. On the flip side, price differences can work opposite if in specific areas. For example The W San Diego, which is near the airport, has these prices: the weekend of August 2-4 at $266 while Monday and Tuesday August 5-7 is $321. By the way, you can book at these hotels on our website and we almost always have the lowest rates.

Fees For Staying at Hotels That Are Pet Friendly

Using these two hotels as an example, let’s explore the difference in fees incurred for your pet to stay. The W San Diego charges$100 for first night and $25 every night after. Paris Las Vegas only charge $50 per night upgrade for designated pet friendly hotel accommodations. Most hotels that are pet friendly charge by the stay as opposed to per night, which makes it easier and typically less costly.

Hotels that are pet friendly also have different policies on which rooms pet travelers stay. We’ve found many of the luxury five-star hotels reserve rooms on the first floor for pet travelers, mainly so they have easy access to outside and a patio. An elevator can be a long ride for a pet that needs to do his business. Plus, it makes sense for the owner as well, as it simplifies all that’s involved in taking the dog in and out of the building. Most, however, don’t have special rooms set aside. These hotels typically charge a non-refundable cleaning fee that can be up to $150. And by the way, many of the hotels listed at Vacation Pet Friendly allow for cats and dogs. Read this fun article on our top picks for luxury pet friendly hotels. Often, you can get a great hotel for the same price as a lesser quality one.

You also want to make sure your pet is suitable for hotel stays. Some like to ease their pet into the jet set lifestyle by taking him on a one-night hotel stay every so often. Remember, dogs and cats can get anxious if they are uncomfortable with their surroundings and this is a good way to break them in. Other dogs and cats just seem so at ease with traveling and a new environment, the Westin could be his new home. This is a good article about dog friendly hotels that you will enjoy even if you are a seasoned traveler.

Standard Rules of Thumb When Staying at Hotels That Are Pet Friendlyhotels that are pet friendly photo

  • Clean up after your pet. Find the nearest grassy area as soon as you arrive so you don’t have to wander around in a time of need.
  • Be conscious of others and keep the barking to a minimum.
  • Never leave your pet alone in the room without being in a crate.
  • Many hotels have door hangers to alert the staff that there is a dog or cat in the room. Use them.
  • Bring a portable water bowl in case the hotel doesn’t have one.
  • Don’t let your pet get overwhelmed by all the attention other hotel guests most likely will give him.
  • Spend time with your pet in the hotel room playing long before you leave him alone. It’s up to you to make  him feel at home.

Know What’s Nearby Before You Leave

The other thing you want to look at when searching for hotels that are pet friendly are what is near that you will need. Are there pet friendly parks, dog parks, beaches that allow dogs, pet friendly restaurants, shops and other places you would typically look for when on vacation? Make sure to use our Travel Guide, as we have listings for all of these in every city. Simply type in the city name in the Plan a Pet Friendly Trip search box. The listings with maps are there. When we first started this website, we offered hotels only, but soon discovered that travelers need to know everything that’s pet friendly in a city. Make good use of us! For most, traveling with pets can be a little intimidating the first time, but once you realize that America is becoming much more used to pet travelers, you will feel right at home whether in New York City or Tucson.



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