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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Friendly Hotel Information

Traveling Tips – Making Pet Friendly Vacations Easy

Traveling tips developed specifically for traveling with pets come in handy as a guideline that will make your trip easier and more pleasant. As pet travel experts, we have accumulated what people need that can help you prepare for your trip and things to consider while at your destination.

What Makes Hotels Dog Friendly?

Finding in America hotels dog friendly is becoming easier than ever, and they are bending over backwards to get your business. Hotels dog friendly in America? Vacation Pet Friendly has the largest selection of pet friendly hotels online. There are more than 35,000 of them listed with us in the U.S. alone. Plus, we have thousands of hotels dog friendly internationally. This makes up for at least 45 percent of the 306,000 available on the website, that are both pet friendly and not. Dog friendly hotels began popping up around a decade ago, mostly with the motels as opposed to hotels. However, today, even the top notch establishments are joining in on the frenzy to attract tourists with pets in tow and offering such pet perks as special menus, monogramed doggie beds, pet sitting services, pet photos to take home and more.

Vacation Pet Friendly Names Top Seven Luxury Dog Friendly Hotels

Pet Perks Galore!

Hotels That Are Pet Friendly  - What To Look For

When you are planning your vacation and looking for hotels that are pet friendly, there are several things to consider. Besides the hotel being of your liking and within your price range, you will want to find out if your pet is simply allowed or is he really welcomed. Whether the hotel is a two-star or five-star doesn’t matter when it comes to pet perks and whether its staff opens its arms to pet guests. There are many hotels that are great for short stays that simply allow pets and either charge very little or nothing at all. These establishments are more for on-the-road types of stays that are short. If doing a road trip, check out the La Quinta and Best Western hotels–most of them are quite nice. If you are planning on flying to your travel destination, make sure to read this article first on airline travel with pets.

Pet Friendly Hotels in the U.S. – Pet Perks & Discounts

Staying at any of the pet friendly hotels in the U.S. has its pros and cons. Truly, your pet’s personality is the single most important factor when considering if you should go with hotel stays or consider alternative pet lodging such as vacation home rentals, cabins or cottages. Plus, you want to make sure the city is pet friendly. Here is information to consider when planning your pet travels.

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