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Finding Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in Yosemite

Although there are limited pet friendly hiking trails in Yosemite, there still are many beautiful areas to walk with your pet that allow you to see most of the national park’s points of interest. If you are thinking about traveling with your hound to Yosemite, please learn beforehand where pets are welcomed, where they are not and the park’s rules and regulations.

Where are pets allowed in Yosemite?

1– In developed areas and on fully paved trials unless there is signage indicating otherwise. There are approximately two miles of paved trails from where you can see El Capitan, Yosemite Falls and Half Dome.

There also is an easy-to-hike .5 mile paved trail that leads to the base of Bridalveil Falls. This is a 620-foot year-round waterfall. It’s also the perfect trail for young children. Spring and early summer are the perfect time to visit these falls, as the water is plentiful and spays a delightful mist at the base.

2—Other pet friendly hiking trails in Yosemite include:
Meadow Loop and Four Mile fire roads in Wawona
Carlon Road
Old Big Oak Flat Orad between Hazel Green Creek and Hodgdon Meadow.

It’s best if you map out the pet friendly hiking trails in Yosemite before leaving home.

Pets are not allowed in the following areas:

Yosemite Valley floor
Tamarack Flat – Campground
Porcupine Flat – Campground
Walk-in campgrounds
Wilderness areas, including hiking trails
Group or horse camps
Concessioner lodging areas
Unplowed roads that are covered in snow
On shuttle buses
Unpaved or poorly paved trails in wilderness areas including hiking trails that have signage indicating no pets allowed

Rules & Regulations

Dogs must be on a leash that is 6 feet or less
Pets may not be left unattended at any time
Owners must clean up after their pet
Store pet food the same way you would human food. Bears are not picky.

Getting to Yosemite National Park

There are four main entrances to Yosemite, each leading to Yosemite Valley. The entrance fees are: $20 per vehicle, $40 with an annual pass or $10 per individual on foot. The pass is good for seven days. Prices are subject to change. Yosemite Valley is open year round. It may be reached via Highway 41 from Fresno, Highway 140 from Merced, Highway 120 from Manteca and during late spring through fall via Highway 120 East–Tioga Pass from Lee Vining. From November through March, all park roads are subject to snow chain controls, including four-wheel drives. Hazardous winter driving conditions may cause roads to be temporarily closed at any time. For updated 24-hour road and weather conditions call (209) 372-0200.

Other places in the west you may be interested in visiting if you include hiking with pets: Tucson, Santa Fe and Santa Monica. You may want to also read up on traveling with pets if this is your first venture.

If you are coming from out of town and need a nearby place to stay, begin by search nearby cities. Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. Start your search for pet friendly hotels near Yosemite here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!

Please add your comments or other advise for traveling with pets. We value your input and appreciate you sharing your experiences, ideas and findings.


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