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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Hotels Las Vegas – The Finest at Low Rates All The Time

Pet friendly hotels Las Vegas, along with its many pet friendly parks, events, restaurants and activities, are plentiful! Las Vegas isn’t just for the bachelorette parties and nightlife anymore, though there’s still plenty of that to be had! In recent years, the city has turned a significant amount of funds to making Las Vegas more family friendly. And of course, that includes pets!

If you are looking to get away to America’s playground start by reserving a pet friendly hotel room from Vacation Pet Friendly, where the prices are pre-negotiated for pet owners so special rates apply. We don’t offer deals only some of the time. In fact, every time you search for pet friendly hotels Las Vegas, you’ll see nothing but the lowest prices online appear. We keep it simple!

Stay in the Heart of Pet Friendly Las Vegas

Instead of renting a condo or cabin out away from the center of the action, why not stay in one of the finest pet friendly hotels that you can book at pre-negotiated rates for pet owners. Enjoy all the amenities and luxuries that make the city famous, all without sacrificing the comfort of your animal.

Drumroll: The Famous Flamingo:

And don’t forget to go to Yappy Hour at the Rumour Boutique Hotel!

Planning is Key

Taking your animals to the desert requires just a few plans ahead of time. The first thing to consider is the time of year: most families go on vacation in the summer. Nevada is famous for temperatures reaching well into the triple digits – imagine how much hotter that feels under a coat of fur! If you plan to visit in the summer, call ahead to the pet friendly hotels Las Vegas to see what they recommend to keep your pets cool and occupied. Odds are, they won’t be allowed at the hotel pool with you! However, on our website you will find a list of day kennels in our Las Vegas Travel Guide for Pet Owners. Or maybe the hotel itself has facilities for animals.

Things to Do

In addition to the usual Las Vegas things to do, you also might want to drive out of town for about 45 minutes, where you will find some of the country’s most beautiful redrock landscape in the Valley of Fire State Park. Your dogs will certainly enjoy the hike! Just be sure to bring plenty of water and stay on the trails. It’s an easy place to get lost if you go off the beaten path.  Red Rock Canyon is great as well.

Rule of Thumb

Most places, even the pet friendly hotels of Las Vegas, will require someone to be with the animals in the room or crated. This means they may not be left unaccompanied, even for so little as an hour: you will need to be present when the cleaning staff comes to make up your room, or at least crate your dog or cat.

Pet hotels of America has many pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas, where dogs and cats can enjoy the good life.Instead of spending a fortune on day care, why not split up animal-minding duties throughout the day? While the kids are playing at the pool, mom or dad can take the dog for a short walk. Take turns getting out of the sun – and back in air conditioning – and trade off puppy duty. Once the sun begins to set, it’s a great time to get out and explore the strip. At that point the in the day, it should be cool enough to take the animals out too.

Always make sure to carry bottled water for yourself and your pets, as well as an inflatable water bowl. Remember, your dog will need to drink more frequently than you will – the heat will feel worse to him.

Check out our listings page for pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas: when you find one that makes you want to pack your bags, call us up and ask for tips about traveling with a pet. The prices offered are the you’ll find on any travel website.

Make sure to visit our Las Vegas Travel Guide, as it has all the listings for pet friendly parks, restaurants, events, expos, activities, groomers and much more.

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