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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Tips on Finding the Perfect Pet Kennel

Not sure how to evaluate a pet kennel? Read the top things to look for and make sure you get the best value for your dog and your dollar!

Pet kennels, like hotels, are hit or miss. Unless you have the time and funds to try out several, you could be in a pinch the next time an occasion for travel arises. Use the following tips and tricks to spot all the markers of a good kennel. That way, you’ll be able to leave your dog or cat with confidence in the quality of their care, not to mention to value of the money being spent.


Develop an eye for kennels. Like when you’re looking for a dry cleaner, they’ll pop up everywhere as soon as your start actively looking for them. A good kennel can be anywhere – urban area, suburban mini-mall – but try to find one that is near an animal hospital. Some veterinary clinics have affiliated boarding kennels. Those are a great place to start. Plus, read up on kennels trends, which can be quite useful whether traveling or not.

Animal to Staff Ratio:

Okay, so you’ve located a pet kennel or two to check out. Schedule an appointment, or drop in as your schedule allows. They should be able to take you on a tour and answer a few questions if you drop by.

Check to see how many animals are currently in the pet kennel. There should be three people per animal at any given time. Is the place noisy? Are the dogs barking? Does the staff have time to answer your questions, or are they too busy with too many animals? This will give you an idea of the organization of that particular pet kennel, as well as an idea of how much one-on-one time your pet will actually receive.

It is easy to find a pet kennel using our extensive listings

Facilities: Ideally, you want a kennel with an affiliate vet clinic, or at least one within a few blocks. Should there be any health problems for your animal, you will want to know that medical care is quickly available. Ask if there is a vet or vet assistant on staff, as well.

Any pet kennel should have at least one play area. In urban settings, it is more common to find indoor obstacle course type rooms. These are fine, though ideally you want to find one with an outdoor play area as well. Remember, an outdoor area should have a shaded section as well, and plenty of room for running and play. Look for toys and water bowls, too.

Amenities: If the pet kennel under consideration meets all the basic requirements, it’s time to look into the amenities. Is there training available? How about grooming, specialized schedules? Pet kennels exist in as many varieties, and with as varied luxuries, as human hotels. You will want to make sure that the price you pay for boarding is not excessive for the service provided. However, it that is not an issue, you may also want to check out dog hotels.

Staying in Town and Searching for a Local Pet Hotel

Ready to start checking out kennels in your area? Save yourself some time and browse through our Travel Guide for pet kennel listings page for every U.S. city. We update frequently and bring you active links to pet kennel websites, so you can do much of your preliminary research from home. A little time invested now means greater comfort for your pet, and greater peace of mind for you the next time you travel.

Traveling and Searching for a Pet Hotel

Again, use our Travel Guide pages. Check out pet hotels long before you get to your travel destination and book early! When traveling with pets, everything should be done early so that you can simply relax once you reach your vacation spot. Here is a good article on traveling with pets that you need to read before embarking on a pet friendly journey.


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