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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Hotel — Pampering, Luxury and Fun Lodging Your Pet Will Love

Never been to a pet hotel? You don’t know what your animal is missing! Read more about what pet hotels offer and why you can’t wait to schedule your tour! Check out this video of one of a popular pet hotel in Southern California.

If you are the kind of animal lover who treats your pet like an equal member of your family and generally loves to spoil him rotten, we understand. Pet lovers like us are everywhere, and we’re not afraid to show our love for our furry babies. And they really are like our babies: completely dependent on you, tied to you at the hip. And, like parents of a newborn, you have probably faced the problem of how to travel when you have such an incredible responsibility to another living thing.

Reasons to Tour Your Local Pet Hotel

Most pet owners grit their teeth and start scrolling through their phone contacts, trying to remember which friends or family members owe them favors. If you are really lucky, you might be able to take your dog or cat over to a parent’s house. But there are all kinds of complications that can arise from this: what if there is another animal present in that house? What if it’s bigger and more aggressive than your sweet little darling? A roof over your pet’s head isn’t enough; you’ll be awake every night wondering whether your toy breed pooch is being terrorized by the host’s gigantic cat. How about getting someone to come stay at your house? Well, that might work…if you’re comfortable with someone living in your home and scrolling through your browser history. What if they just ignore your pet when she starts begging for attention?

What do Pet Hotels Offer?

You spoil your baby in every other way; do it now when it really counts. Find a pet hotel easily at Pet Hotels of AmericaYour absence presents a real problem to your pet; you know how emotional animals can get. A pet hotel is a great way to ensure your animal is well taken care of, with access to stimulation in the form of walks, solitary or group play time, TV, and any number of other things. A pet hotel is just what it’s name implies: you check your animal in and leave him to the care of professionals dedicated to service, just like the hotel you’ll be staying in. Pet hotels are more common than you might expect. If you’ve never used one before, it’s time to check it out! Most offer free tours of their facilities, so you can get a real sense of the care your pet will be receiving. Check out our listings page to find pet hotels near you. You will find active links to websites, which takes all the hassle out of researching. We’ve done the research for you! Check out our listings now and schedule your free tour. You and your pet will breathe much easier the next time the subject of travel comes up!


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