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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Kennels Directory Listing- Easy to Use Service

Kennels Directory Listings are comprehensive and easy to use. You can find listings for all type of pet boarding and services throughout America, with plans to expand internationally. Listings include kennels, doggie daycares, dog walkers and pet sitters, which can easily be found with descriptions, contact information, maps and comments on each city’s Travel Guide page. There is a Travel Guide for every U.S. city.

Traveling with a pet is a wonderful experience and often you will want to take Sparky with you. However, whether your pet is traveling with you or not, you can refer to our Travel Guide to find a place for your pet either during the time you are on vacation or if you only need to leave him to visit a place of interest that doesn’t allow pets.

Each listing in our kennels directory has back links to the kennel’s website and, in some cases, depending upon the listing level, may link back to several pages within its website. We do this so you can have a better idea of what the kennel is like. We would like to remind you though, that it’s always best to talk on the phone with the people your pet will be spending time with. When possible, visit the facility first.

On another note, our kennels directory listing shows facilities throughout the country, should you decide to take your pet with you and want pet lodging services while at your destination. Pet owners should know that kennels have changed a lot in the past few years. In vying for customers, they have become as competitive as the hotel market. Theme parks often have their own boarding facility for pets. Check this out!

Because it is easy to locate the kennels in nearly every city in America, those searching online for the perfect kennel may easily visit the websites of each to research their services further. Here are some trends in kennels.

In our directory, each listing has a description of the facility so pet owners will know about its amenities, including if it is a cage-free kennel, has 24-hour supervision, and if there is a veterinarian on staff. Here you may also find out if the facility has day care services, puppy and dog training, fitness programs, grooming, space for your dog to run and what kind of activities the staff offers. Listings should have as much information as possible. For instance, it should state if the kennel has indoor and outdoor space, if each dog has its own private indoor or outdoor kennel, the size of the space and if the kennel is covered by chain link fencing to prevent climbers from escaping. This is a good article on outdoor kennels.

Cute dog is learning a trick at a kennel listed on Pet Hotels of America

You may also like to find out what kind of animals the kennel welcomes. While many provide services for dogs only, there are also a comprehensive listing within the kennels directory of facilities that accept furry purring cats. In this case, the listing should say how many times the litter boxes are freshened and if food and water is readily available. The kennel directory services in our Travel Guide also comes in handy when you need to leave your pet behind. With a complete listing of kennels in any given city, it is easy to find a nearby facility the will provide the comfort and love your pet is accustomed to.  Plus, in the Travel Guide, you’ll find many new things you didn’t know even existed when traveling with pets.

On another note, if you are the owner, manager or marketing representative of a kennel, doggy daycare, pet resort, pet hotel or other pet lodging facility would like to get listed in Vacation Pet Friendly’s kennels directory, just click on Advertise in the top menu.

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