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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Dog Kennels – Getting Better All The Time

Dog kennels have improved quite a bit over the past few years. Today nearly 50 percent of the people in America have pets and most consider them family. Because of this and the fact that the babyboomers are in traveling mode, means dog kennels had to become more pet- and person-friendly.

If you’ve never left your pooch in a dog kennel, the experience can be intimidating at first. That said, if you choose the right kennel, it can be the time of your pet’s life! So your choice should not be whether to leave your pooch in a dog kennel or not, but which one. Vacation Pet Friendly has the largest number of listings for thousands of dog kennels. Our listings expand through the United States.

Dog Kennels vs Dog Sitters

Dog sitters are great for a day. But if you have to leave your dog overnight, even if it is in the comfort of your own home, dog kennels are a better alternative. Just make sure to do your homework first.

Once you decide to leave your dog in a kennel, keep in mind that they can be a great experience for your pooch. First, dog kennels ensure your pup will have the companionship of people and other friendly dogs. Staff members often are experts in dog handling and care, and will be able to engage your pet and know what it takes to keep your pooch happy. Many kennels nowadays, can keep you apprised of your dog’s status via cameras, so you can check up on your pup with your own eyes anytime you like. A lot of travelers use dog kennels for those times when they need to spend time at places without pets. Read this article on kennel trends.

 Researching Dog Kennels

If you’ve never left your dog in a kennel before, ask your friends if they can recommend one. If not, check out our listings and start calling. Ask questions. Make sure the kennel offers everything your pet will need to make him comfortable and feel loved while you are away.

Picture of a Dog at a Dog Kennel

Good dog kennels will have the following:

  1. A play area
  2. Dog run
  3. Scheduled meals
  4. Scheduled exercise times
  5. Someone on staff at all times 24/7
  6. Plenty of activities for dogs to do
  7. A good team of caring staff members to comfort your pet
  8. Clean facility
  9. Water bowls filled at all times
  10. Separate areas or ways to separate large dogs from smaller ones
  11. Restrictions and requirements allowing only pets that are up to date on their vacinations
  12. No cages, but if they are caged, it is only for sleeping
  13. Competitive pricing
  14. No overcrowding, even during the day when the facility is used as a doggie daycare

 Listings of Dog Kennels in the U.S.

Not convinced yet? Check out our listings for kennels near you in every Travel Guide. We provide active links, making it that much easier for you to call them up and ask all the questions you like. You also may want to check out Dog Hotels. While they are a bit more extravagant in amenities and pricing, you may find one that you really like. Read this for more information on Dog Hotels.

How to Know if Your Pet Had a Good Experience

You will know right way if your pet had a good experience. Yes she will be running circles around you wagging her tail, but that simply says she is happy to see you. Check her out to make sure of the following:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Does she seem happy?
  3. Has she been well fed

 Things to Ask the Kennel

  1. Did she get along with other pooches?
  2. How long did it take her to adjust to the new environment?
  3. Did she make friends easily?
  4. What else can you do next time to prepare your pet for a stay at the kennel


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