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John Paul Pet: An Interview with Director Shawn Claybaugh

Paul Mitchell has launched a new product line that is unlike any other—this one is for pets.

Much like its high-quality people products, John Paul Pet products are perfect for keeping our furry friends clean and pampered, even after a day on the road.

Pet Hotels of America interviewed Shawn Claybaugh, director of John Paul Pet, to discuss the products and the ways its pet care program helps animals throughout the country.

Shawn Claybaugh and one of his four best friends.

[Q] Talk a little about your background and why you are so passionate about pets.

Growing up on a small farm in Ohio, animals were always a part of my life. I feel blessed to have witnessed and personally felt the magic created by these beautiful souls. But, unfortunately, I have also witnessed the cruelty and ignorance displayed by people towards animals. Although my passion for animals has always been strong, the more involved I became with the various animal rescue organizations and shelters through my work at John Paul Pet, the more passionate I have become. Each animal has it’s own special story and individual personality and there are so many animals that need our help. They have no voice in this world, so it’s our responsibility to give them a voice and the help that they deserve.

[Q] Do you have any pets?  Do you take your pet with you on trips?

We have four dogs; two pit bulls and two chihuahuas. We get strange looks sometimes when we have them out and are often asked “How do they all get along?” We always tell people that they all love each other and get along great, and our pit bulls are the most submissive and gentle of all four!

Since we have four, it’s often difficult to find places that will accommodate them, but on a few occasions we have.

[Q] What pet products do you typically bring with you when you travel?

We always bring along our John Paul Pet Wipes. They are a must! They greatly help with keeping the dogs clean when on the road. We also bring along their food, water, bowls, blankets and their favorite toys. If traveling in a car, we always have their pillows for sleeping.

[Q] The Behind the Paw campaign contributed to the adoption of thousands pets across the country. What does the campaign aim to achieve, and where do you see it going as it moves forward?

John Paul Pet also follows in the footsteps of our founders’ “Behind the Bottle” philosophy by creating a “Behind the Paw” culture that brings pets, people, passion and programs together. Our goal is to create a better world for animals. It is this culture that sets us apart, making John Paul Pet one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

We partner with Paul Mitchell Schools across the United States to give back, and help animals in need on a local, regional and even national level. This is done through our John Paul Pet Clubs, an extensive network of amazing Future Professionals within the Paul Mitchell Schools network. This network is dedicated to promoting the benefits of proper care and hygiene for pets, while increasing awareness of animal-related issues. We support and encourage volunteer work within the community to support animal-friendly causes through education, outreach and love.

As our Behind the Paw initiative continues to grow and evolve, we are working even more closely with shelters, rescue groups, animal welfare agencies and our business partners to educate the public about animal health and welfare, adoption, and how they too can become involved to create a positive impact for animals. It is our goal that through these increased efforts, an additional one million animals in the United States find loving, forever homes this year. We also have plans to further enhance our Behind the Paw online presence to include a centralized resource center for animal welfare organizations, businesses, partners and consumers to help facilitate these goals.

[Q] How can people find out more information on Paul Mitchell’s Pet programs and products?

Our company name is actually John Paul Pet. While we are part of the Paul Mitchell family, we are a separate business entity.

People can learn more about our company, initiatives and our products by visiting www.JohnPaulPet.com. We also have a store locator so people can find retailers that are closest to them. Each carries the pet product line.

You can also find us on Twitter www.twitter.com/JohnPaulPet, Facebook  www.facebook.com/JohnPaulPet and YouTube YouTube.com/JohnPaulPetProducts.

We hope Pet Hotels of America blog readers enjoyed this interview with Shawn Claybaugh as much as we enjoyed speaking with him. Pet Hotels of America also extends a special thanks to the John Paul Pet network for helping animals have a better life.

John Paul Pet has offered to share its videos. We hope you forward this interview with Shawn Claybaugh to other caring pet owners. Goodwill is always worth sharing!

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2010 Volunteer Trip to Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT

Behind the Paw – Fall 5000 Adoption Campaign

We hope you enjoyed watching these videos and learning about all the good John Paul Pet is doing for pets. Please forward this interview with Shawn Claybaugh to other caring pet owners. Goodwill is always worth sharing!

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