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Paradise Ranch Pet Resort – Dreamy

Recently I had the opportunity to tour Paradise Ranch Pet Resort with my Chocolate Labrador, Kokomo. All either of us could say to the experience was Hot Dog! (Or in her case, Woof!) Billed as a Country Club for dogs, this property which provides doggie day care, short and long term kennel boarding and other amenities for your canine companion is truly a special place. Based on the principle that your dog doesn’t want to be caged at any time of day, founder Kristyn Goddard was at the forefront of the cage-free dog boarding concept that has become an industry standard over the past decade. Paradise Ranch Dog Country Club is the first fully-licensed cage-free dog kennel boarding facility in the United States. Kristyn has created a true “home environment” on the ranch, with several buildings on the property with all the amenities of home. Fully furnished dog friendly living rooms and bedrooms are where the dogs that are boarded overnight stay, or the day care dogs that prefer air conditioning and soft furniture hang out.  All houses have a Paradise Ranch staff member present 24 hours a day, hanging out and watching TV with the dogs, and even sleeping with them. It’s true- one of the amenities you can book is a cuddly human for your dog to snuggle with at night. I know this is what my Kokomo would prefer! Kristyn didn’t stop there. Paradise Ranch also has multiple real grass yards with water features where the dogs can romp and play with each other all day long. In fact, last summer, Paradise Ranch opened Bora Bora Beach,  making this truly a first-class tropical resort… for dogs. It’s paws-itively the most wonderful place I have ever seen. I walked around and observed all of these dogs of various sizes and ages running and playing and swimming and dock diving and frolicking in sprinklers and proclaimed Paradise Ranch the Happiest Place on Earth. It is truly Disneyland for Dogs. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort offers free water park playtime at Bora Bora beach included with boarding and daycare. Their rates for both day care and overnight boarding are very comparable to other, non-tropical resort style traditional kennels. Paradise Ranch  also offer swim lessons, dock diving lessons, and “big pool” playtime for an extra charge. Whether your dog wants to dock dive or learn to boogie board, Paradise Ranch can accommodate your pooch. The facility has web cams throughout the property, so that owners can check in on their beloved dogs while they are enjoying their time at this truly one of a kind and amazing Pet Resort.

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Posted by Amy L. on Mar 22, 2011 in Blog, no comments
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