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Long Distance Trips with Cats – 10 Tips For Easy Travel

Long distance trips with cats comes with a new set of strategies that I am offering to make your travels easy and your cats comfortable.  Having traveled from Georgia to California and back several times,  I have learned many things about traveling with multiple cats. Here are some of the more important strategies that will make it easier and safer for you and your cats–from where you sleep to picking the right hotel room.

#1  Make sure your pets are in carriers at all times when moving them in and out of your car or hotel room. Double check to make sure the containers are zipped or otherwise closed before opening any doors.

#2  Before bringing them into the hotel room check to make sure there are no holes they can crawl into where it would be difficult to get them. A common problem area is the bed. Often the frame not close enough to the wall, and the cats can get behind or under the bed, putting them in danger when you try to get them out later. If needed take the bed apart and move the frame closer to the wall. Adjust the furniture in the hotel room as suits you.

#3  Try to get a hotel room where you can easily put the pet carriers on a cart and onto the elevator.

#4  Long distance trips with cats requires you plan ahead so you have a nice way to store the litter boxes and food in an organized fashion. You might want to be a cover on the floor of your car if you plan to let them out to use the litter box.

#5  Of course it is best not to let them out during travel, but if you are going a long distance, make sure they have larger sized carriers so they have room to move. Some carriers can even be connected together and you can put a litter box in one and food in another.

#6  Bring trash bags that you can use to wrap around the litter box when moving it around or to hide the odor until the next stop. Often two small litter boxes is better than one large one.

#7  Remember to use the do not disturb sign on your door so a maid doesn’t inadvertently open the door and let your pet out.

#8  Often when it is time to leave in the morning, the cats can be apprehensive and hard to catch. Plan for this and take your time. Talk to them in a calm voice. If they freak out, give them a couple of minutes to relax before trying again. Bring the carrier near their hiding place, and then place barriers like pillows or blankets around the opening so there is only one way to go. Then nudge them inside.

#9  Sometimes windows that are cracked during travel can upset the cats because of the high pitched noise. Some background music on the other hand can help calm them.

#10  Loud air conditioners in the room can also cause stress, but playing the television as you do at home can calm them.

About the Author:

David Duval owns and operates a website development company. He is an avid cat lover who makes long distance trips with cats often.

Hope this helps make your next trip with your cats easier!

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