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Pet Friendly Lodging & Travel Guide - San Antonio, Texas

Pet Friendly Lodging in San Antonio  & Plenty to do!

You can rest easy knowing the pet friendly lodging in San Antonio is plentiful, with 145 pet friendly hotels alone. And, Vacation Pet Friendly has unbelievably low rates. Our hotels don't just allow pets, most of them welcome them with open arms. With Texas known for its warm Southern hospitality, you're sure to have get a heart-warming welcome when you want into your hotel with a pet in tow. When it comes to finding activities, you will find plenty to do! This is home to the Alamo and the Cathedral of San Fernando. While you may have to leave your pet at a loving doggie daycare when visiting the Alamo, Vacation Pet Friendly has listings where you can find one that suits you. There are plenty! What makes traveling with pets to San Antonio so delightful is the people of this historic city are totally pet friendly. Browse through our list of what you and your pet will find in this picturesque city. Then make your lodging reservations at a pet friendly hotel -- we've negotiated great rates for you. Then you and your pet have a safe and wonderful trip!  
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Find pet friendly hotels in San Antonio, Texas for up to 65% off. Reserve online or call our travel experts at 1-877-797-1946. Booking early is key when traveling with pets

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