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Pet News Radio
Travel or Pet News? The World Wants to Know About You!
Pet News Radio is an Internet broadcast station owned by Pet Hotels of America. It gives pet lovers a chance to hear the latest buzz on a variety pet-related topics. Your interview also will be heard on Big Media USA, which includes four channels, each with its own creative programs. The station’s network began broadcasting in 2006 and between listeners at Pet News Radio and it’s sister channels at Big Media USA, exposing the interview to approximately 250,000 listeners per month.If you have a new or interesting product or product line, travel story, upcoming expo, training tips or any topic of interest you would like to share with the pet world, send us your submission for an interview. Pet Hotels of America and our network station will post the show on all websites as well as post and tweet it to its many followers on Pet Hotels of America’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Channel: Pet Travel
Program: Traveling with Pets
Channel: Pet Products
Program: Pet Care Products: What’s Hot
Program: Industry Trends in Pet Care

Channel: Pet and Pet-Friendly Events & Expos
Program: Pet & Pet-Friendly Events
Program: Pet Expos
Channel: Pet Care, Training & Safety
Program: Pet Health, Fitness & Psychology
Program: Pet Training
Program: Service Dogs

Interview Submissions
Do you have pet news you would like to share? If you would like to be interviewed for any of our programs, please contact us and we will schedule you into our Pet News Radio programming. If you have questions, simply contact us and check the box: Interview Submission.
Host Your Own Program
If you are interested in hosting your own regularly scheduled program on Pet News Radio please contact us.
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