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Traveling with Pets Tips Offered by Known Dallas Vet

Dr. Rebecca Westbrook, a veterinarian that serves Northern Dallas, Texas and its surrounding areas joins other animal professionals in celebrating April, the Pet First Aid Awareness Month.  Pet First Aid Awareness Month is intended to advocate the importance of learning first aid for pets. It also encourages the general public to be more aware of what they can do to help with an injured animal.

Westbrook believes it is critical to understand pet first aid, emphasizing that knowing what to do in the first few minutes of a trauma can dramatically increase the odds of saving a pet’s life.  In her many years of veterinarian experience, she has discovered that those who are trained in first aid for pets are inclined to respond faster when there is an animal emergency because of their knowledge and skills.

Dr. Westbrook suggests that “animal lovers download an app to their cell phone that will give them instructions in the case of an emergency”. She tells her clients that while a phone call to an emergency veterinarian service is important; having critical care knowledge at your fingertips those first few moments is essential.

As a veterinarian whose work in hospice care is extensive, Dr. Westbrook is well aware of how much pet owners need to know when dealing with a critically ill patient.  Westbrook introduces her clients with important first aid tips.  She advocates gaining a thorough comprehension of these topics and potential life saving techniques:

-          Display veterinarian number in a place where it may be accessed easily

-          Have pet first aid supplies available in a convenient location

-          Understand what to do if pet is suffering from poisoning, seizures, broken bones, bleeding, burns, and other urgent medical situations

-          Always know the location of the nearest veterinarian when you are traveling with your pet

Although Westbrook champions pet first aid awareness, she states “it is important to remember that pet first aid is not a substitute for veterinary care and that any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by professional care”.

Pet owners can make use of Westbrook’s mobile veterinarian clinic, which provides an owner and their pets with the highest quality hospice care. “Loving Paws” is a compassionate service that is known throughout the Dallas area.


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