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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet-friendly traveling with dog

A Disturbing Trend in Pet Travels

If you’re a pet indulger, this blog’s for you! Since there seems to be an significant number of pet-friendly hotels in New York, I called a friend of mine, Fred Pflantzez, who owns NYSEE TOURS to find out what exactly people do when traveling to New York with their pets. Instead of the reply that […]

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Posted by Lisa on Mar 7, 2011
Photo of a Dog Looking at People Food

Should I Feed My Dog People Food?

What People Are Saying – Should I Feed My Dog People Food? As a dog owner it can sometimes be confusing about whether or not you can or should feed your dog people food in addition to their regular dog food. The response runs the gamut from “never, ever” to “always.” The truth, as in […]

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Posted by Gene Sower on Mar 6, 2011

Pet Etiquette at a Pet Friendly Hotel

Use Your Hotel Pet Friendly Etiquette  Pet friendly hotel etiquette is important no matter which pet friendly hotel you are staying at. There is a certain amount of pet etiquette you should enforce out of simple consideration for hotel workers and other guests. Some etiquette is just common sense, but there are things that people traveling […]

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Posted by Lisa on Mar 5, 2011

A Few Funny Pet Videos

We at Vacation Pet Friendly like to have a little fun as much as anyone else. In our search for all things pet related, we stumbled upon several post-worthy funny pet videos too entertaining not to share. Here’s our first favorite, a collection of pictures that will make you fall out of your chair: Dogs in […]

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Posted by Amy L. on Mar 2, 2011

Traveling With Pets Made Easy Thanks to Babyboomers!

Pet Travels Made Simple and Fun With the launch of Vacation Pet Friendly, the website designed for the purpose of traveling with pets made easy. There was a time when traveling with pets was limited to those with RVs and tents. Taking a pet to a hotel was virtually unheard of. But thanks to the […]

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Posted by Lisa on Feb 20, 2011

Pet-Friendly Hotels, Kennels, Car Rentals & Airlines-Easy Traveling

Pet-Friendly Hotels I like to travel. And chances are, since you are on this site, you do too. But many times, as I head off to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boston or Miami, I have to face those big sad eyes my King Charles flashes when she sees my suitcase. If you own a pet, I can […]

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Posted by Lisa on Feb 19, 2011
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