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Pet-Friendly Hotels, Restaurants and Parks Make Austin, Texas Vacation Friendly

Austin, Texas is famous for many things. Their music scene, their barbeque, The University of Texas Longhorns, Lake Austin, great weather, food, shopping and people – to name but a few. But did you also know that Austin is one of the dog-friendliest cities in the United States? Austinites love their dogs and this shows as many restaurants and bars in some of the hippest neighborhoods allow dogs to enjoy the scene right alongside their owners.

Right off the bone, we’ve got to mention Freddie’s Place. This Austin establishment is a bar, restaurant, live music venue and pet friendly establishment that rocks the house every night of the week. And what is better than live music, a cold beer, and some wings with your trusty hound at your feet?  Nothing, and Freddie’s Place is tops with all of our dogs.  In fact, a quick perusal of review sites such as yelp reveals that Austin in general is pretty laid back when it comes to dogs. If the restaurant has a patio, it’s a doggone good bet that your dog is as welcome there as you are.

Sixth Street, SoCo (South Congress to non-Austinites) and other happening areas of Texas’ State Capital are dog friendly to varying degrees. As mentioned above, if it has a patio you are good to go. Sixth Street is Austin’s version of Bourbon Street and is packed with revelers pretty much all of the time, so use your own best judgment when it comes to your dog’s temperament and crowds.

BB Rovers Bar & Grill is another venue featuring live music, food and drink that is dog friendly. At Club de Ville in downtown Austin dogs are allowed inside the restaurant as well as on the large patio. In fact, the list of dog friendly establishments is so lengthy it is not a stretch to imagine that fewer restaurants do not allow dogs than do! In fact, you should check out the Austin Travel Guide and see for yourself all there is to do with pets in Austin.

Furthermore, when it comes to lodging, there is no shortage of pet-friendly hotels in the greater Austin area. Whether your budget is small or unlimited you have a wealth of choices. From the Candlewood Suites to Marriott, Hilton to Holiday Inn, Austin hotels do not run scared from canine guests. Take a look at the directory of Austin’s Dog Friendly Hotels right here on Vacation Pet Friendly.  With so many options for food, sightseeing and hotels, it’s unlikely that you’ll feel the need to board your dog with a doggie day care facility but if you do, rest assured that your pooch will be pampered like a true Texan at any of Austin’s doggie day care centers.

Remember, booking early is essential when traveling with pets. See what’s available today so you get the best deals. Start your search for pet friendly hotels in Austin here. Then sit back and think of all the fun things you can do when you get there!

Austin is pawsitively amazing for dogs!


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