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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals – Easy living

While hotels are great for short-term stays, pet friendly vacation rentals are tops when it comes to week-longer or more vacations. This is why Vacation Pet Friendly began adding listings for pet friendly vacation rentals–people traveling with their cat or dog are finding them more suitable.

Benefits of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

– Because vacation rentals that allow pets don’t typically charge by the day, you may find them more cost effective. Plus, you most likely won’t incur a daily pet fee that hotels sometimes charge.
– Pet friendly vacation rentals often are in the heart of the action. This means that they typically are within walking or driving distance to the fun, entertainment and activities of any given city. — When you do want to go out for a night on the town, you can leave your dog or cat at the vacation rental without having to crate them, as is almost always the case in a pet friendly hotel.
– Most pet friendly vacation rentals have a yard for your dog or cat to play in. This makes it super easy, as every time your dog has to do his business, you can simply let him out the back door. —– Many of these vacation rentals are in the city, mountains or near beaches. This means that finding a place for you to play with your pet is usually going to be easy and in a good place.If the vacation rental is a cabin, it usually is located on prime property, with lots of space for your pooch to play.

Types of Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly Vacation Homes

pet friendly vacation home with man and dogPet friendly vacation homes are usually either luxurious with pools, or have something about them that is truly unique. For example, many have great views, the utmost in amenities and lots of perks. You will find them to have such niceties as ski-in-ski-out, beachfront properties, desert homes with pools, homes near famous attractions. The people that own the homes take pride in them and guests are usually respectful of the property. Many find that pet owners are even more conscientious than most.

Pet Friendly Cabins

Pet friendly cabins are a great place to take dogs especially, because they usually are in wide open country where dogs can run without leash. These cabins make it so you can enjoy whatever activities you want, whether it be skiing, hiking, fishing or any of the other outdoor sports or activities that make cabin life fun and exciting.

Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

B&Bs are a carefree kind of pet friendly vacation rental that allows you to enjoy a real home-like atmosphere with breakfasts that often are some of the best you will find. B&B owners take pride in their homes and truly enjoy sharing. We have found that many bed and breakfasts owners absolutely love having guests and work hard to make sure they have a private, yet wonderful time when in their home. Bed and breakfasts are a good medium-stay lodging when traveling with pets.

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Searching for the Perfect Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

While you can find more than 306,000 pet friendly hotels at Vacation Pet Friendly, our list of pet friendly vacation homes is every growing. As an increasing number of people are realizing that pets can make the best guests, more and more are opening their doors to pet travelers. To find pet friendly vacation rentals, simply go to our homepage. Type in the city where you plan to visit and see our categories for pet friendly vacation homes, pet friendly cabins and cottages and pet friendly bed and breakfasts.

It’s All About Timing

Vacation homes offer especially attractive rates during the off season. Unlike hotels, where the rates fluctuate daily, vacation homes typically have high and low seasons. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and sign up for our newsletter, as we often alert people to great deals on pet friendly hotels as well as vacation rentals.

Good Reads

No matter if you are staying at vacation home or a hotel, make sure to read up on some of our traveling tips. We’re here to make your vacations easy, fun and exciting.

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