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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

Pet Friendly Vacation Homes in America – Perfect for Pet Travel

Pet friendly vacation homes are, in most cases, the easiest, most enjoyable and cost effective way to travel with pets. Considering other options such as hotels and B&Bs, vacation homes allow you to live in the same fashion as you would at home, but in a new and exciting environment with nearby places of interest. While we are seeing many pet friendly hotels popping up that go all out to offer your pet the very best, a pet friendly hotel is a different type of stay, with tighter rules and requirements and less tolerance for the not-so-well-mannered pet. Before committing to the place you want to spend your vacation, read about the differences and make an informed decision. Hotels and vacation homes both have their pros and cons. Here are some of the reasons we believe vacation homes are great for times when you can plan in advance for traveling with your furry friend:

1– When your pet has to go outside to take care of his needs, the process is the similar to what you would do at home. You simply leash him and open the door to his outdoor world. If there is a back yard, better yet! While many of the pet friendly hotels offer a grassy area for pets, it still requires a little more effort on your part to take him out.

Pet friendly vacation homes shown

2– When you want to visit places that don’t allow pets, such as museums, fine dining restaurants or select tourist attractions, you have a choice of leaving him home or at a doggie daycare. To make this option easy, you can find listings for kennels and daycares at Vacation Pet Friendly. At a hotel, you must crate your pet for safety reasons.

3– If your dog is a barker, you definitely want to consider staying at pet friendly vacation homes. Upscale hotels typically have great soundproofing, however, some hotels don’t. For those who are conscientious about their pet bothering people, consider if your pet is likely to bark when she hears footsteps walking past your door. This doesn’t bother some dogs, but if yours is, it is something to think about. Also consider if your pet will bark when you leave him alone in the room.

4– Vacation homes, especially if they have a yard, makes it easy to play with your pet outdoors. Your pet can get daily exercise and playtime making it so she will have a much better vacation.

5– Many the vacation homes are on or near a beach, park, vineyard, ski resort or other exciting places of interest. Most of these permit pets. Simply type in the city you are visiting in our Travel Guide search box and you will see listings of all the pet friendly parks, beaches, restaurants, events, Expos, groomers, veterinarians, kennels, doggie daycares and much more listed at Vacation Pet Friendly.

6– The amenities at our vacation homes that welcome pets are typically plentiful. Often you will have to yourself a hot tub, pool, parking, views, dishwashers, laundry appliances, multiple televisions, Wi-Fi and much more. In general, you will find that our vacation homes are more spatial than hotel rooms.

7– As with hotels, often there is a cleaning fee if you are bringing your pet. However, much like pet friendly hotels, you pay the fee for the entire stay. Whether you vacation with your pet at a hotel or pet friendly vacation home rental or both, it typically will still cost you less to take your dog or cat along with you than leave him at a kennel.

8– Home rentals typically need to be booked more in advance than hotels. So if your plans to get away include making reservations at pet friendly vacation homes, then don’t wait to make your reservations. We have many listings to choose from.

Regardless of where you stay, here are some good travel tips.


Have a safe and wonderful trip!

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