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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Take a Breather and Enjoy Nature–Reserve at One of America’s Pet Friendly Cabins

Looking to get away, but without breaking the bank? Pet friendly cabins are a great option for low-cost, high relaxation vacations.

Summer is the preferred time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. More Americans go on vacation during the summer than any other time of year, and for good reason: it’s easier to get time off work, the kids are out of school, and the weather is perfect for any activity.

However, we have all learned to be prudent and frugal with our funds, and vacations are no exception. So instead of heading to Las Vegas or Mexico, why not stay closer to home? This is especially important for people with pets. Pet care can be pricey, and one of the easiest and most practical ways to cut down on your expenditures is to take your animals with you on vacation.

This does limit your options a little: it means you will be better off driving than flying, as airfare for animals will still run you in the hundreds of dollars. Plus, driving is easier on your pet and your wallet. One of the best, yet most under-rated options for a vacation is pet friendly cabins.

Think about it: no matter where you live, there is a getaway spot within just a few hours drive. Read up on Road Trips with pets and the pet friendly motels you can expect to find along the way. Whether you want to escape the heat by heading to the mountains or the beach, or are looking to spend some time by a quiet and wooded lake, cabins are a wonderful resource. The most important part of a vacation is getting away from the mundane aspects of daily life: stay-cations tend not to be so restful, because home is full of reminders of things to do, chores, errands, and the looming return to work. Getting out of your natural element is key, and cabins are a great way to accomplish that.

Staying in pet friendly cabins is great for large or small groups. They come equipped with full kitchens – great for saving even more money – at least one bedroom, usually a pull out couch or two, and maybe even a deck. Whether you want some time alone or a chill week with friends or family, a cabin will allow you the versatility to do that.

Pet Hotels of America has listings of pet-friendly cabins so you can take your pet with you wherever you go.

And pet friendly cabins mean you won’t have to spend anything on boarding kennels. When looking for pet friendly cabins, check to see if there are any weight or breed restrictions. Some rental companies will require a deposit for an animal, others may require a deposit and additional fee. To make your animal more comfortable and minimize accidents, spend a few minutes with them when you first get to the cabin. If you have  cat, set up the litter box right away and put him in it, so he will know where to find it when he needs it. Also, make sure your animal knows where the water and food bowls are. Staying to your normal schedule of feedings, walks and playtime will also help keep your animal grounded. Ready to take one of those long-awaited pet friendly vacations? Start by browsing our site to find pet friendly cabins by city and state, along with links to active websites. You will enjoy your vacation so much more without having to worry about your animal’s care, or the expense!

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