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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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If you’re a pet indulger, this blog’s for you!

Since there seems to be an significant number of pet-friendly hotels in New York, I called a friend of mine, Fred Pflantzez, who owns NYSEE TOURS to find out what exactly people do when traveling to New York with their pets. Instead of the reply that I expected that I thought would have to do with the newest, hippest pet-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly hotels…you get the idea, I got wind of a disturbing trend. Fred was kind enough to share his story with me and has allowed me to share it with you. Please pass this along to anyone you know who lives in or is traveling with their pets to Manhattan.

Straight from the desk of Fred Pflantzer

I was sitting in a sidewalk café, sipping a delicious coffee one unseasonably warm day in November day when I bore witness to a trend that bears careful watching.

On upper Madison Avenue a bond forged over the ages is being slowly eroded away. The dog, a superbly adapted quadruped with the ability to walk or run for miles is having its physiognomy subtlety subverted.

The hounds that lunch are being carried about town in expensive over-the-shoulder-bags. Chauffeured by their chi-chi owners like little potentates, feet nary touching the ground, paw pads pink as the day they where born. Sadly, this trend of portaging pets is spreading.

By my rough unscientific analysis, of every five dogs living near Madison Avenue two or more do little or no walking. How far will this go; is there an upper theoretical limit to the size that a porta-pet may attain? Will men who normally favor the more robust breeds, challenge each other for sidewalk supremacy by slinging Rottwielers and Pit Bulls under their arms, echoing the days of the huge boom box? Laws may be needed.

Surely, with the advent of genetic engineering can a breed of dog bred purely for the Prada bag be far behind? This movement must be stopped in its tracks or we will see in the not too distant future dogs whose legs have become vestigial organs, resembling snakes more so than the animal we’ve come to adore. Are we ready for the cocka-boa? I pray not!

Dogs belong on leashes strutting proudly beside their masters, where they have been for millennia. A canine needs to stand on its own four feet the way God intended. Anything else is an abomination.

Thank you Fred for enlightening us on this disturbing trend. While I didn’t get the scoop on the latest in pet-friendly restaurants or hotels, I did get a laugh on how they get there.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article on the latest in pet-friendly handbags and carriers!

BTW- since you can see how in-tuned Fred is with his city, next time you’re traveling with or without your pet, give him a call!



(212) 957-5009

Have a pet-friendly day!






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