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Plan Entire Pet Friendly Trips Or Book A Pet Friendly Hotel

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Dog Friendly Vacations: Furry Fun

Dog friendly vacations make for a fun time for you and your pet and you’ll never lack for things to do or places to stay. The key is planning. This is the premise behind Vacation Pet Friendly. It helps you find pet friendly hotels, motels, B&Bs, cabins, pet friendly restaurants, parks beaches and much more. If you know this information beforehand, you won’t be fumbling for places to stay and things to do when you should be vacationing. The good news is that besides an increasing number of hotels opening their doors to dog guest, so too are touring companies, gardens, attractions, restaurants and other activities that at one time, wouldn’t even consider allowing pets.

Tips on Keeping Expenses to a Minimum

So, the question is, take him or leave him? Here are several reasons why dog friendly vacations are becoming increasingly more popular. Dog in a backpack on vacation

Taking or Leaving? -Considerations

Besides have the joy of bringing your dog along on your adventure, you can actually save money! Boarding kennels typically cost between $30 to $60 a day on average. The average cost to bring your pet to a hotel ranges from $0 to $100 for an entire stay. However, there will be times during your vacation when you want to leave your dog at a nearby pet sitter or doggie daycare as there are places such as museums, fine restaurants and buildings that may not welcome your furry friend. Regardless, this will be way less expensive on a short-time basis and much easier on your pet and your piece of mind. No matter what city you visit, you can find listings of kennels, doggie daycares and sitters on our Travel Guide pages.

Pet Friendly Hotels

If you are planning any vacations with dogs in the near future, finding a hotel that within your price range is easy. Vacation Pet Friendly has the largest online inventory of pet friendly hotels in the world. Plus, we have a low price guarantee. Many of the pet friendly hotels listed at Vacation Pet Friendly offer special rates exclusively to pet owners. We have plenty that discount by up to 65%, offer free stays, breakfast buffets, parking and WIFI. This can save you a ton of money, especially in places where eating out is high. You’ll also find other great niceties like Starbucks cards with room bookings.

Pet Friendly Things to Do 

So Cal Surf Dogs

So Cal Surf Dogs – Where dogs learn to love surfing

You will find there is more to do on a vacation with your dog than you might realize. You will be surprised at the number of restaurants, activities, events, historic places, beaches and parks that are opening their spaces up to our furry friends. Visit our Travel Guide pages for any U.S. city, where you will get the lay of the land.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on activities, as many won’t cost you a dime. Dog friendly vacations don’t have to be expensive to be fun.

The Beach

The beach is one of the most popular getaway destinations: who doesn’t fantasize about lying under a hot sun, listening to waves pounding the surf Dog sitting on a beach in Outer Banksas your toes play in soft sand? If you live near a coast, getting away to the beach is a easy retreat. Look at what a relatively small ocean community like Huntington Beach has to offer. Find out about your destination and see which stretches of beach allow dogs, so your pup can spend the day with you. Most dogs love the water as much as humans. Visit our pet friendly beaches and dog beaches pages to find where you can take your dog for a day in the sand and surf.

photo of woman playing with dog at the beach having fun

Types of Vacations to Consider with Pets

The Weekend Getaway

As gas prices continue to rise, many are opting to take a road trip. Whether you live in the lush northwest, the hot Midwest or the humid east coast, there are untold numbers of spots within just a few hours of driving from your home that can make taking trips with your dog a memorable, fun and relaxing experience. Finding pet friendly hotels on the fly is pretty simple for short vacations. Here is a good read on pet friendly hotels.

The Road Trip

College of pets on a road tripTaking a road trip makes for great pet travel. Read our article on pet friendly motels  with information that will be helpful when taking a road trip. Nearly every city has at least two pet friendly hotels at your travel destination and motels along the way that will work within your budget. Here are some tips: Our travel website was designed exclusively for pet owners, offering tips on traveling with pets from where to stay to what to bring. It cannot be emphasized enough that planning is key for any trip involving your animal. If you are renting a car when traveling with your pet, read this first! Our goal is to make your trip easy and this article will help you to keep car rental expenses down.

Information you should be aware of when taking a road trip:

1. When crossing state lines, by law, travelers are required to have an Interstate Health Certificate, however, most claim that this is often not enforced. However, you will definitely want to bring along a copy of your vaccination records and keep them readily accessible. You may need them when checking into a hotel or leaving your dog at a kennel or doggie daycare.

2. Each area of the country has its dangers. You will want to ask your vet prior to leaving, if there is anything you need to be aware of.

3. When driving with a dog in the car, for his safety and yours, make sure he is restrained via a booster seat, carrier or harness. Sudden stops can be quite dangerous to passengers. As far as state requirements, only new Jersey makes it punishable by law for pets to be loose in the car when it is in motion. However, common sense should prevail and a restraint used.

Each of the airlines has its own pet policy. Read this article for information on flying with pets. They typically permit one or two pets in the cabin per flight. Many travelers don’t realize it, but as during the warmer peak season and holidays, there are some airlines that do not allow pet bookings. During the cold winter months or extremely hot spells, pets may not be allowed to fly in the cargo hold, as extreme temperatures may be dangerous. Furthermore, the model of airplane may determine if your pet is allowed in cargo hold at all. Delta is one example, because last year, it reconfigured its cargo section in some of its specified long-haul international planes in a way that pets are not longer permitted to fly in that area of the plane. Another thing to think about is the type of carrier you use if you do travel via air. There is no pet carrier or kennel that is pre-approved by any airline, so it is important whichever one you select is strong and is the size required by that airline.

Tips on Traveling by Air

Make sure to read the pet policies of any airlines prior to booking. The one thing all of them have in common is you will need your pet’s vaccination records. Be sure they are up to date and easily accessible.

The Rustic Cabinphoto of people and their dog in a rustic cabin

If you’re not looking to do anything more than curl up with a few good books for a couple of days, give yourself a fresh set of surroundings and find a rustic cabin to rent. They come in all varieties of sizes and prices, and many are dog friendly. Cabin stays are great because they typically are more secluded than hotels and your pet has room to roam without you having to worry about barking, growling or other sounds that dogs like to make.

CampingFind pet friendly hotels to freshen up when taking a trip in an RV.

This one is tried and true: camping has been a favorite activity of millions of people, precisely because it gets you away from all the stresses of your daily life – even those you didn’t know caused stress in the first place. Camping makes for great vacation with dogs. America has plenty of ground to explore and room for your dog to play and roam.  Make sure to bring a sturdy stake and leash so your dog doesn’t run off, as well as plenty of food and fresh water for you and your pooch. Camping is most likely the easiest when it comes dog friendly vacations,bringing yours along could make it the best camping trip ever! Ready to book a vacation with your pet? Start with our listings page: we are constantly updating our list of animal friendly accommodations throughout the country.

Important Tips for Dog Friendly Vacations

1 – Visit your veterinarian prior to taking any trip. All vaccinations must be up to date. Get your dog used to traveling in the car. It’s best if you start your dog out traveling when he or she is a pup. If your dog is not used to traveling, you may want to get a light sedative. Dogs are pretty fast at getting used to traveling in cars.

2 – Bring a few photos of your pet. Write your pet’s name and your name and contact information on the back. Leave them in your purse or wallet. Hand them out should you and your furry friend get separated.

3 – Travel with some of your dog’s regular food – a good tip is to put each serving in a Ziploc bag. Familiar foods will help keep your pet’s tummy stable.

4 – If your pet is on any medications, be sure to travel with enough for the trip plus a few days should you get in a position where you are unable to return home on the date you expected.

5 – Whether you book online or by telephone, always call your hotel a day or two before arrival and remind them you have your pet with you.

6 – Print out or capture a screenshot of the descriptions and maps to pet-friendly parks, beaches, restaurants you want to visit. If you don’t have time to do this prior to leaving, simply bookmark www.VacationPetFriendly.com and find them on your mobile or from your hotel suite on your computer.

7 – You know your dog better than anyone, so take into consideration his or her quirks and usual wants and needs. Make your plans so they accommodate these while traveling. After all, Sparky is a member of your family and this shared adventure makes for a lifetime of memories.

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